Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sunday Swim: Sea Monster Off the Port Bow!

 Once in a blue moon, the North Sea off the North Norfolk coast becomes so warm and crystal clear, that it attracts a certain cryptid lifeform to its inviting waters.
 Unfortunately, I didn't realise that today was one of those "blue moon days", and popped down to the beach here in Overstrand for a late-afternoon dip.
 Things were going swimmingly until a sudden chill alerted me that something wasn't quite right...

Half past five and all's well

Groynes extend into the startlingly clear sea

At the risk of being branded a floozy, I chose a different groyne (from yesterday's) to sit astride while I prepared to get wet

After getting out of my depth (but still able to see the bottom!), I returned to shore

Despite having dried off, dressed, and being sat in the sun, a sudden chill passed through me.
Something was wrong!
And, near the horizon, the Vos Gorgeous appeared to be powering very quickly away.  But from what...?

Yikes!  Sea monster off the port bow!
Oh, hang on... It's just my sister, Indescribable...  Run awayRun away!


  1. She was probably making sure you weren't down their sunning nude on the groyne of another.

    1. I think she was trying to swim away from her her husband, the Little Witch and Von Smallhausen so she could get some peace and quiet...

  2. A fine figure of a woman too

  3. Replies
    1. A duck!

      She's a witch! Burn her!

      It's a fair cop.

  4. What awesome beach fotos! The sand and water look very inviting. It's a good thing y'all are taking advantage of the rare Indian summer to enjoy the beach and have fun in the water. I hope no groynes were injured (or will be!) in the production of this post.

    1. Never mind the groyne getting injured. I nearly injured myself attempting to straddle it, such was its girth!

  5. I was expecting you to be talking about a jellyfish...or possibly the other substance which floats in water.

  6. A duck? Where is the duck?

    1. Oh. You're a bit late. It was burnt at the stake for being a witch.

      I've got a l'orange if you fancy a snack?


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