Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tears of a Clone

  From the extensive gardens of Château DeVice this very afternoon... 

Uh, oh.  A stand off.  But which one's the real Beaky?

"Ooh!  Gladis, look!  I think there's going to be a fight!"

"They've increased their number, Clyde."

I hope this young blue tit's parents turn up very soon to prevent him/her from being witness to the clone wars.

Ah.  The real Beaky has arrived to quell the attack of the clones.

Shit!  And Mrs Beaky, too!!!

"I don't care about all that.  Feed me now!!!"


 And on a related note, here's the soundtrack (ignore the video - it's the only one I could find that features Alcazar's track "Tears of a Clone" from their 2002 album Casino):

 Oh, and we might as well have "Crying at the Discotheque" while were at it:


  1. Well that's two tunes stuck in my head all evening.
    You're right, you know, Beaky is recognisable. He must be nearly 46 now!
    I'll leave the tits innuendo for someone else...

    1. He's older than me!

      The tits are still young and perky, though.

  2. The bird shots are awesome! Love the capture of Mrs. Beaky in flight! My fave is the last one, with the funniest caption, of the hungry bird!

    The sight of beautiful birds in your yard makes me smile. The sight of birds on the tree under which I park my car reminds me to put out food for the stray cats so they can congregate and chase those birds away before they poop on my car again!

    1. That little tit's mum or dad is hiding in the leaves just above the feeder, probably hoping their greedy little offspring will shut the hells up!

      There are hardly any cats around here, which is why we have so many baby birds. Over at Inexcuseable's however, Cedplop has brought in a tit (great or blue) of some description every day for a week, the little murderer.

  3. Thanks to you and your great bird photos, we've started paying far more attention to the wild life in our garden! Just the other day I saw one of Georgia's state birds, the Brown Thrasher! No pics of course because it was a total surprise. xoxo

    1. Oh, good! The Brown Thrasher is a handsome looking bird with that speckled breast and piercing eyes. We don't have them here in Blighty - probably a good job, as they look like a match for Beaky!

  4. Boy those are some amazing shots! But is the one black bird trying to steal Mrs Beaky from her hubby??? Bird drama.

    I have taken some pictures recently and got a black bird. I ll have to post them soon.

    1. Those bloody blackbirds are drama enough for anyone! Shrieking and fighting all bloody day long. I hope yours is better behaved? I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Usual Suspects.


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