Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Two Days Today

 Following on from A Conglomeration of Cormorants and Today and Two Days, may I present this, the third in the series of photo-bloggery: Two Days Today (so named to link with the last post, and because it covers some antics of a two-day period. Clever, eh?).
 The first five butterfly photos were taken with my camera which then promptly ran out of battery, so I had to nip home and get my phone to take the remaining triffid and moth photos - hence the reduction in quality. The camera battery was all charged up again the next day, so I used that to take the beach photos, although I'm not so keen on them as the ones from A Conglomeration of Cormorants. Maybe because they seem dull as it was so overcast on the 28th?

The Warren, Cromer/Overstrand border, 27th July 2016

A small skipper (female, I think?) on ragwort

A gatekeeper also dining (or just sunning itself) on ragwort

Gatekeeper at rest

Hiding from a fly

This is my favourite photo out of the whole lot!

Dactylorhiza (definitely) fuchsii (probably) - which would make this a common spotted orchid

Centaurium erythraea - Common Centaury (I think?)

Thistle (don't the unopened flowers look like puffer fish?)

A spray of bramble/blackberry leaves

"When we grow up, we're going to be blackberries"

Early developers!

Some sort of chervil amongst the gorse

You can take your eyes off that common vetch, and see if you can spot a moth

Can you see it yet?

I think this is some sort of carpet moth

Overstrand/Sidestrand beach, 28th July
This is the east beach at Overstrand. It was about 10am, and wasn't too sunny, so I'd popped down for a swim

From the same vantage point as above, just turned about 120 degrees to face Sidestrand

Another one of those nappie/diaper tankers?

This is Sidestrand - I'd walked all the way along as most holiday makers never make it this far

I wonder if this is the same small skipper butterfly from yesterday?

End of the line revetment in Sidestrand

Looking west back towards Overstrand

A prominent groyne (hee!!)


Just trying out the panoramic shot thingy

Possibly the most interesting geology (is that the right word?) we have. Apart from this, that is.

Another big groyne!

There's a little pathway and steps up the cliff here, but I think it may lead to someone's garden. If I can be bothered next time I'm down on the beach, I might take a look.

Just an old gate

Poppies on the clifftop. because this is Poppyland, after all!


 Right. That's the photos from 27th & 28th July done. If I have the time and inclination, I'll post some from earlier in July in a couple of days or so.


  1. I'm loath to admit it but I like a nice thistle myself. I still think Overstrand sounds like it should be in South Africa. Perhaps it moved after the end of apartheid. This makes sense to me, at least!

    1. I'll speak to the village council and see if we can at least take Overstrand (back) to South Africa for a little holiday.

  2. Ah....poppies, poppies......poppies...sleep..sleep....now sleeeeep. Oh sorry, I must have slipped into the Wicked Witch role. Beautiful picture...maybe your most stunning yet! I love me some Thistle. so pretty, but I don't recommend sitting on it.

    1. Don't worry, you'll find no buckets of water here. And I just know you can find something much better than a thistle to sit on!

  3. I agree with your favorite photo selection. Excellent!

    I am personally OK with overcast conditions as I generally prefer the diffused light for photography.

    1. Thanks, LẌ.

      I know what you mean, Phone prefers lightly overcast conditions, but Camera seems to take blinding sunshine in its stride.

  4. Ditto on the fave foto. What a gorgeous capture! The flowers & critters look fascinating & vibrant. The beaches look very inviting. I like the foto of the hill/cliff with the spectacular retaining wall in the front. The panoramic shots are stunning & marvelous!

    Do you get to eat any of the blackberries? Or do the critters get them first? The poppies are so vibrant! Be safe & careful if you should attempt to venture up that cliff. I suspect if you fell, it'd be a long time before anyone would find you, seeing as how remote & isolated those beaches are, no tourists nearby.

    1. Thanks, Eros!

      As for the blackberries, usually Beaky and his cronies/clones gobble them all up before anyone else gets a look in. Although, Little Witch is also adept at finding and eating them, too!

  5. I like 'em all! And I particularly like the well-centred groins.In the last I can see what are either barnacles or old bolts.Did you risk limb on the thing or is that just a good long lens?

    1. Well, you'll find another big, straight-down-the-middle groin - I mean, groyne - in the next post. I do straddle them when I can, but most of those were taken from the gap, or with the long lens behind the revetment.
      While there are barnacles, I think you're seeing bolts (I wasn't close enough for the barnacles to show up).

  6. So.... are you saying that you are being stalked by a Skipper butterfly???

    1. Right. That's it! Restraining orders all around!


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