Sunday, 7 August 2016

Today and Two Days

 As I mentioned in the last post, this will become a photo-blog for a little while as I have a glut of photos from the past month or so that I'm going to post here as I have no where else to put them. 
 I made matters worse this morning by taking yet more photos as I walked back home after undertaking gruelling hard labour (painting The Mother's potting shed - the one that I helped construct here, here, and to a lesser extent, here) at The Parents'. So, this post consists of today's photos, and some from last weekend (when Indescribable, the Little Witch, and New Babyzilla were here). 
 Look away now if you can't abide pastoral, sunset, and beach views (some of which may contain hideous sea monsters).

Overstrand, 7th August 2016

Overstrand beach, 30th July

Indescribable and the Little Witch (née Babyzilla)

Hooray! A cloud! All that sun was turning us all off-white.

Gah! People! They ruin everything by sitting so close. Have they no sense of intruding on personal space?

New Babyzilla guards our sandcastles from the comfort of her limo pram.

The Little Witch leads Indescribable to a watery doom after being told she can't have an ice-cream.

Oh. She survived.

Sunset from Cromer Lighthouse, 30th July

Cromer Church and Pier peek out from behind the cliff-top undergrowth

I didn't realise what this was when I took the photo. It was only when I got home and enlarged it that I realised it was one of those drone-thingies.

Cromer Lighthouse. Clearly...

Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm just about visible on the horizon

These two bewildered looking crows appeared to be settling down for the night on the golf course next to the lighthouse.

Overstrand beach again, 31st July

"Tut. Here again?" Babyzilla is bored of the beach now.
Indescribable gets her own back by carrying the Little Witch out to sea.
Gah! Swim for your lives! Hideous sea monsters!
Oh. Wait. It's just The Mother and Indescribable.
Gah! Swim for your lives!
Oh, good. That cloud's back.
Industrial-strength nappies being shipped in for Babyzilla.

 And there you have it.

 For now...



  1. These are fantastic & funny fotos! The ones with the family (& captions) made me laugh. Babyzilla 2.0 looks adorable!

    The landscape shots of the glorious wheat fields & skies, along with magnificent seascapes & sunsets are absolutely gorgeous! They are art! Definitely beautiful views worthy of large posters, calendars, & postcards! It's the kind of picture that captures the beauty & essence of a place, & you can take it with you or share it with someone.

    I think the wind farm sunset & ocean ship fotos would look good on t-shirts.

    Don't worry about the drone. I'm sure that was just Liz taking pics of her subjects, seeing what they're up to.

    1. "Babyzilla 2.0" - Thank you, Eros. That's much better than the unwieldy "New Babyzilla" that I came up with.

      One day, I might just get some of these photos (that the North Norfolk coast kindly upped it's modelling game to provide) transferred to postcards and the like, and surprise you with one!

      Liz being Liz probably didn't get clearance from air traffic control. I'm going to have to be extra careful next time I'm out on Broom!

  2. Keep 'em coming, please! I love your local views, especially as I've never really seen that part of your County.
    And I do understand about those ghastly people, taking personal space.Dreadful! It was the same down at our beach.We counted 3 fishing and one person walking a dog at the far end."Bloody rush hour!", said The Man.

    1. Thanks, Dinahmow! And you needn't worry - there are plenty more to come.

      Bloody Rush Hour indeed. I think there ought to be a cull!

  3. Wonderful pix! I especially like the second Overstrand wheat (?) one.

    I have "a friend" that Photoshops out inconsiderate photo intruders.

    1. You might have to put me in touch with your "friend" if any more interlopers spoil my photos (and my walks and beach visits).

      Yes, wheat (I think?).

  4. You must have had to get into quite an uncomfortable position in the corn! Did your companion not object to you taking photos?

    1. Oh, no, I was quite comfortable laying on hi-

      I mean: I don't know what you're talking about? It was just me and the wheat (I think?)

  5. these are far too personal.
    i'm surprised the internet allows such things.

    1. This must be how zelebrities feel when their sex-tapes are leaked!

  6. Damn.....beautiful pictures!!! Your going to end up a renowned photographer

    1. Thank you, Mistress Maddie.

      For a moment there, I thought you said I could end up in a renowned photographer!

    2. whatever floats your boat........


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