Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Lotus Break

Whelk egg cases
 I hope you're all rested and have a cup of tea/coffee/glass of wine/flagon of gin to hand, as there are four days worth of photos to wade through, here. A four day extravaganza, no less!
Ha! Hardly an extravaganza. Most of these photos are pretty much the same as those you've already seen in previous posts.
 No! They're taken on different days, at different times, and in different weather conditions. Why don't you bugger off back to Witchface and let me get on with this?!
 Right. Now that Witchface's SubC has quietened down, we'd better get on with this.
 For your information, the first set of photos (from the 21st) were taken with Phone, all the rest were captured by Camera. And, as always, click to embiggen.  


Overstrand/Sidestrand beach (again). Thursday, 21st July

You might recognise this as Overstrand beach (looking east towards Sidestrand). I'd popped down just after 9:30 am for a swim.

You'll notice that Phone prefers to face west, away from the sun, as it provides a brighter, more colour-saturated image

That dot on the end of the groyne, is a cormorant. Probably.

More dots = more cormorants. I'd disturbed this flock as I approached the groyne they were all perched on, and they flew off

That end-of-the-line revetment at Sidestrand beach again

Another well-centred groyne (for Dinahmow)

Heading back up the cliff after my swim


The Parents' Pond. Saturday, 16th July

I don't know why I took a photo of The Parent's pond, but it makes a nice break from all the beach photos, I suppose?


Overstrand beach. Sunday, 10th July

Despite the clouds, Little Witch didn't get rained on

This was an afternoon beach visit - We got down here at about 4:30 pm

That blob in the bottom left corner is Indescribable's head.

And this blob is a grey seal's head.

This one (if it is the same one all the time), is often hanging around when I'm down on the beach


Overstrand beach. Saturday, 9th July

The Little Witch simply MUST go to the beach. Even at 7pm when she ought to be getting ready for bed!

This helicopter (or one like it) takes workers to and from the rigs

Not a cormorant. A crow, or something.


 There'll probably be one more photo-bloggery post as I've got some photos from the beginning of July to sort out. Then, it should be back to normal service - whatever that might be.



  1. From the title, I was thinking that you were having car trouble. Sorry.

    1. Ha! I wondered if anyone would think something like that - I might have known you, with your affinity for cars, would!
      I'm not a big fan of Lotus, but I wouldn't say no to an Esprit.

      Actually, this has given me an idea for a car post... Thanks LẌ!

  2. Anonymous11/8/16 22:40

    Is that navy seal your friend ?

    1. I think it must be. Either that or it's stalking me...?

  3. How about that? A selkie hanging out in your neck of the woods. Awesome fotos!

    The pond looks fantastic! I love lotus blossoms! I would like to have a pond, just so I can have some lotuses. But we're swamped with all sorts of disease carrying mosquitoes down here. The first time, a few years ago, it was West Nile Virus. Then came the Chikungunya Virus. Now it's Zika! We need to build a huge mosquito net around Texas.

    The beach & cliff fotos are spectacular! I like the chopper one, too. Your revetment is definitely British, because in America, we call them seawalls, & the Dutch call them dikes--which has another meaning for us on this side of the Atlantic.

    1. At least it's only a selkie, and not that dratted Fishface!

      Yikes! I didn't know Texan living was so fraught with danger. Can't you call in Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Ross's monkey from Friends to quell your Outbreaks?

  4. I just have to ask... Shorts or speedos?

    1. Speedo short-shorts! In fact, they've featured (briefly - hah!) on the blog before.

      Actually, I only wear them when there's no one around, otherwise I stick with board shorts.

    2. I first misread that as you only wear them when there are people around!

    3. Despite there being an unofficial nudist beach in the vicinity, I never go starkers. No one needs to see that!
      Besides, I don't want fish nibbling on things when I swim.

  5. as I approached the groyne


  6. So.... are you saying that you're being stalked by a seal???


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