Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Conglomeration of Cormorants

 Before I fannied around with the press releases* yesterday's not-so-triumphant return post (that bloody 'bot is still linked to those eight posts, so I've reverted them all to draft for now), I popped down to the beach for a quick swim before the holiday-maker crowds arrived and ruined everything.
 For expediency's sake, I drove from Castlette DeVice through to the far end of Overstrand and the Coast Road, where I parked Car. From there, I made my way down the cliff and on to the beach (what little there was as the tide was in) heading east towards Sidestrand. I didn't go that far along, so I probably ended up on the border between the two 'strand parishes.
 Anyway, I didn't swim for long as there was a very strong current that threatened to wash me away, so I ended up taking loads of photos instead. Having resized some of them to email to The Mother, I thought I'd post them here, too, to make good use of all that photo-editing (as always, click to embigulate):

Looking east towards Sidestrand from the foot of the cliff at Coast Road, Overstrand
(about 9:30 in the morning)

A Great White Egret. I'd never seen one of these before

This egret's ready for her close-up, Mr DeMille

I couldn't decide which photo I liked better, this one or the one below, so you've got both!

Looking west along Overstrand beach - what little there is with the tide in

Looking east towards Sidestrand


This conglomeration of cormorants can often be found here on the last groyne/breakwater in Sidestrand. I believe the collective noun for a group of cormorants is a "gulp", but I prefer conglomeration

"...and it was this big."  "Well, I caught one this big!"

"Careful! Watch where you're landing!"

"That's right. Bugger off! I want to perch here."

"Ooh! Look, everbody. Cyril's about to attempt a swan-dive"

"We're off. It's too crowded here."

I'd walked along to Sidestrand here, so this is the view back towards Overstrand

In Sidestrand, with Trimingham in the distance

A ship on the horizon

In Overstrand returning to Car, looking back to Sidestrand

Again, I couldn't decide which photo out of this one and the one above I liked more, hence posting both

That ship again with a couple of smaller fishing boats (probably from Cromer)

East-South panoramic view from Overstrand

West-North view from Overstrand

  I've got no end of photos from goings on over the last month or so, so for a little while, you probably going to have to put up with this being somewhat of a photo-blog.

* Snaps to whoever knows (or can guess) which film features the line "fannying about with the press releases".


  1. Ah ha, nice to see you back.
    You do seem to have sent the automaton to my other blog though. Sigh. I can't really picture you fannying with anything, dear boy.

    1. "Ah ha"? Are you channelling Alan Partridge? Even if that's so: Thanks!

      Sorry you got lumbered with that clattering clank of cogs. I just directed it away from here, but didn't give much thought to where it might end up.

      And: You have another blog?

  2. Well Bugger and Poo!!!! I have a blurry picture of a comorrant on the camera, which I thought my readers might enjoy.... SO I'LL JUST SCRAP THAT POST THEN SHALL I????? I am being usurped by everyone.... even my nearest and dearest. I am just going to sulk some more...

    P.S Fab pics, sweetie!

    1. NOOOOO! No more cat arse pics, please!

    2. Ms Scarlet: No! No, don't scrap the post. I intended no usurption. I'm sure your "comorrant" is completely different to my "cormorant"?

      P.S. Thanks x

      P.P.S. Your little outburst reminded me of Tim's frequent tirades against some slight, or lascivious comment I may or may not have made. Sigh...

      Dinah: Quite. We had enough of that at The Very Mistress's Art Gallery!

  3. What a beautiful post! As you know I love birds, so I enjoyed those snaps. Your getting very good pictures and so clear too. I may have to hire you to take my naughties! And I must add the shy looks menacing......

    1. Almost every time I've been on the beach this so-called-summer, the sky has menaced. But, so far, it's been all show and no action. Something tells me this wouldn't be the case if I took the appointment as your privet(s) photographer, though...?

  4. Beautiful photos once again darling... Your beaches seem quite free from other botherers... were you tempted to nude up for your swim? Enquiring minds wish to know...

    1. An early start, and a bit of effort to walk that little bit further than most holiday-makers can manage with all their kids and bags of crap, pretty much guarantees a isolated spot. Although, the odd dog-walker tends to come my way, so I keep my trunks on!

  5. Awesome fotos! They're all pretty magnificent captures, & I quite laughed at the cormorants caption fotos! I imagined them speaking with a mix of Cockney & Downton Abbey accents, with a little Anthony Hopkins from the Silence of the Lambs.

    The beaches look spectacular as do the skies! I like partly cloudy days, since they keep things just bright & warm enough to enjoy the beach! Perfect weather & all that sand to create massive, obscene fertility sculptures/sand castles!

    The panoramic fotos are just gorgeous & stunning! White egrets are beautiful! I particularly like the sea foto of the passing ship with the flying birds in the foreground--neat capture of man's machines & nature sharing the same environment. The beach wall looks quite sturdy & aesthetically pleasing. Dutch built or genuine Brit engineering?

    Thanks for sharing these awesome fotos!

    1. Thank you, Eros! When I was writing those cormorant comments, I was imagining a Yarko (Great Yarmouth) "mockney" accent (the Yarko boys like to think their London wide-boys. The dolts), but I like your mixing it up with a bit of Downton Dowager!

      As far as I know, the revetment is genuine Brit engineering.

  6. None of my tender tootsies has ever dipped in the salty waters of Norfolk, so I take your word for this. (I have sampled the waters of some of the Broads. And those furriners whose grasp of geography is limited should use google...)

    1. I can't believe you bathed in the Broads (I can just imagine the confusion of the furriners!) but didn't even make it the beaches for even a quick paddle?!

    2. I am ashamed to say I have never been beachward in your County in summer.And they doan' 'ave nor beach over to Swaffham.

    3. Wahl, 'as a rummun, ent it?

  7. Anonymous6/8/16 15:24

    So you went over to Sidestrand ?

    1. I did indeed. And there was no under or next-to to be seen!


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