Monday, 1 June 2015

Music from the Dead of Night

 I thought it was about time I got some of my favourite music from this year in order. After all, at the speed this year's skidding by, it'll soon be time for the annual Coven Awards round-up & review!
 So, with that in mind, may I present the four albums I've bought so far this year. There are videos (not all of them official) of my favourite tracks, and a runner-up listed (some of which have links to their own video if they exist).

Erasure: The Violet Flame
 Dead of Night

 Smoke and Mirrors

 I've been a fan of Erasure since the late 1980s. I can remember loving A Little Respect on the Now XIII tape cassette, Stop! on Now 14, and Drama! on Now 16. The first album I bought was Chorus in 1991, and this one, The Violet Flame, is the latest. It was released in the Autumn of last year, but I've only just realised it existed!

 | You will notice that there's a page break below. Don't worry: I meant to do it! I'm just trying it out |

Röyksopp: The Inevitable End
 Save Me
 I Had This Thing

 I can't remember how or why I first came across Röyksopp - probably from hearing them on the radio or a T-Mobile advert. Anyway, I bought their first album - Melody A.M. - and never looked back. The Inevitable End was released late last year, but, like Erasure's The Violet Flame, I've only recently purchased it.

Syntax: Meccano Mind
 Time to Fly

 It was during a box-set marathon of watching Bones earlier this year that I first heard of Syntax. The track Pride was featured at the end of one of the episodes and I liked it so much that I googled the lyrics and discovered that I was a decade too late!

Temples: Sun Structures
 Keep in the Dark
 The Guesser

 I have Ms Scarlet to thank for introducing me to Temples earlier this year, specifically the single Keep in the Dark

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 FYI, I shall be working on the new blog header that we discussed in the last post over the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled.

 Just don't leave the peel lying around for someone to slip on.


  1. Oh dear, I'm all out of touch with this modern music. My collection is from the Pleistocene Epoch.

  2. Oh I love The Temples, Keep in the Dark!! I will listen to your tunes tomorrow as I can't right now... but, how strange, I was thinking of spinning some eighties tunes on Wednesday. I loved Erasure.

  3. you had me at box-set marathon of watching Bones! i'll check out the music, sweetpea! ;) xoxoxo

  4. whoops, i just listened to taylor's mud slide slim & streisand's stoney end (on VINYL) today.
    my walker needs lubing, gotta go.

  5. LX: That would explain why I keep being pestered by a glyptodon to ask you to return his special edition of Mastodon.

    Ms Scarlet: My love of Temples is all down to you, so thank you! I'm looking forward to see what tomorrow brings.

    Savvy: I LOVE Bones! I missed the first half of the 10th season and can barely wait for Autumn when the DVD gets released over here!

    Watch out Norma! LX is shaking his fist at you and your modern music. And get off his lawn!

  6. I would take a listen, but can these ditties be bought for the Vitoria?

  7. That's a good one! I remember the video with all the sheets and the white t-shirts

  8. You'd better ask Nipper, Mistress Maddie. You might have to be persistent though as he only used to His Master's Voice.

  9. Ooh, 'Petra! You startled me. I think I'm going to have to put my whites on a boil wash now!

  10. Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry! I do hope it'll come out in the wash. It seems that today has taken a lavartorial turn. I apologise if that makes no sense. We have this amazing Danish word Latrinær and I'm not entirely sure it translates well.

  11. It translates perfectly, 'Petra dear. Lavatorial, lavatory, the lav, latrine - they're all much nicer (and dated) ways of saying toilet, bog or porcelain throne...

  12. I'm pleased. Here I was afraid I'd made an even bigger tit of myself.

  13. Such great choices!

    You have impeccable taste darlings.



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