Sunday, 14 June 2015

Quilted cakes and be-tentacled baking

 Seeing as the last batch of baking I shared here escaped being cakefarted by The Mistress, I thought I'd share my latest batches. I'm experimenting with decorating, hence the quilted effect, the two-tone piped icing, and the... well, the octopi.

Under the mini-cake dome


Chocolate quilted cupcake
Experiments with cephalopods
A lonely blue octopus drying out (and cracking) atop her chocolate cupcake perch
Variations on a quilted theme
A complexity of cupcakes
Strawberry-flavour two-tone cupcakes

 I don't think I'm going to bother with icing-based octopi after this little trial - The icing gets too soft to mould it properly (especially when making the tentacles), then dries out too quickly leaving unsightly cracks. Next time (should there be one), I'm going to make the octopi (or other cephalopods) out of modelling clay, then I'll have more control over the contruction and I'll be able to use them again and again!
 I'm pleased with how the quilted-effect icing turned out, and prefer the red diagonal quilts to the blue square quilts. These are getting quicker and easier to make each time I do them, too.
 The two-tone piped icing cupcakes are a bit of a cheat. I loathe making icing (all the icing is pre-made on these cakes), and found this strawberry-flavour two-tone icing in toothpaste tube-like packaging that one can squeeze directly on to one's cakes. I thought I'd give it a go and, while they're not horrid, find myself a little ambivalent towards how the cakes turned out (I must admit to rushing them, somewhat). However, I think a little practice might sway me more towards actually liking the effect. The icing even tastes quite nice - I think actual strawberries must have been used in the ingredients (although I'm not actually a fan of strawberries).

 I'll keep you updated - whether you like it or not - with my cake progress.


  1. they look gorgeous! bravo!

  2. Thank you, Norma! Although I fear they may not taste as good as they look as the quilts & octopi are only plain sponge with a little apricot jam to get the icing to stick.

  3. oh my gawd!!! i love those cupcakes, sweetpea! i'm just happy that i have one simple go-to mini lemon cupcake recipe and lemon frosting that i just pipe a tiny starburst (love those simple piping bags & tips) on to! yours are fantastic! xoxoxox

  4. Drool. Slobber, slobber. Drool.
    More drooling.

  5. Thank you too, Savvy. Ooh, I love lemon cakes! You've got my mouth watering. Speaking of which...

    ... Ms Scarlet? Shall I fetch you a bib?

  6. Standing by in case taste testers are required!

  7. Your octopusses, octopi, whateveri... despite being fiddly look spectacular, add a couple of drops of glycerine syrup to the icing mix it apparently stops the icing from cracking and drying too quickly...
    Quilted cupcakes... must play havoc with your bobbin and presser foot... licking the needle would be a delicate manoeuvre I must say.

    Keep up the great work I look forward to more pics...

  8. Well, as these ones are a little elderly now, I'll save you from taste-testing them, LX.

    I'm about to make another batch, though...

    Thank you for the glycerine tip, Princess. Now, do you have another helpful tip as to how to get fondant icing out from the innards of a sewing machine?

  9. Have you tried a "Blastended Screwt"? I hear that JKR has them laying about everywhere. Failing that... try using a chameleon's tongue, preferably alive with the animal still attached... check your spell ingredient pantry, you may have one hiding in there, and don't forget to throw a little bit of flour about... you know how tricky they can be to spot...

  10. I'm practically out of flour, but I'm sure icing sugar will do just as nicely?


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