Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wanton for Brenton

 Brenton Thwaites, that is.

The awesomely-eyebrowed Brenton Thwaites all scrubbed up for Vogue

 Oh, dear. We seem have succumbed to the fripperies of youth and eyebrows.
 Again. It's embarassing!
 Oh, shush, you. I can feel your vicarious thrill of the fancying from here.
 Well, even if the thrill was real - which it's not - of course you could feel it: You're only two neurons away!
 Silence! Gadzooks, are you two on, or something?
 Anyway - getting back to the post at large - there's more after the jump: 


 Brenton Thwaites, star of such films as Oculus and The Signal, amongst others, first caught our eye in a trailer for Oculus. At the time, I hadn't realised that I'd already seen him as the young prince in Maleficent last year - probably because he looked so young (I hope).

 I watched Jaws 2 the other day and, rather predictably, fawned over Mark Gruner as Mike Brody (well, until he got clonked over the head and was told off by his dad). But it wasn't until I watched Oculus the next day that I realised how similar Gruner and Thwaites look. Those awesome eyebrows, doe-eyes, lustrous hair and fit bodies. Sigh...

Mark Gruner as Mike Brody in Jaws 2
 And you can imagine my joy when I discovered while watching it the following day that Thwaites stars in The Signal, too! 

 Plus, with his facial fluff, he reminds me of Josh Hartnett as Ethan Chandler in Penny Dreadful. 
 And that can only be a good thing!

Brenton Thwaites looking like a young Josh Hartnett, no?

Well, better put this post to bed otherwise we'll be here all night. Coming, Brenton?

He's thinking about it! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  1. he's all yours darling, have at 'em!

  2. adorable, but oh so young! LOL xoxoxox

  3. I almost have eyebrow envy. I could certainly do something shapely with my tweezers if I had a pair like that.
    I agree with Savvy and Ms Norma. Too young.... and I get fed up bellowing basic instructions.
    Meanwhile, I am perturbed by this break of which you speak, my powers are ebbing and i cannot see it :-(

  4. Oh... you mean the funny squiggle pattern thingy. All is well, I see it.

  5. Norma: Hooray! Now that I have permission there's nothing he can do about it! Except remain significantly younger than me. And on a different continent.

    Savvy: Yes, he is VERY young. 25. Ug.

    The Ms Scarlets: I like a dominant pair of eyebrows as long as they're not bushy or unruly. In fact, eyebrows just like Brenton's! Although, I have a feeling that as he ages they will be prone to Norman Lamont-like bushyness!

    Realistically, he is far too young for me. Too young even for the Host (who prefers an older man, usually).

    Ah, yes, the break/jump. I meant to ask about this. I read somewhere that a lot of people are reading blogs via some sort of feeder site (I wonder just how fat thay like them?), the use of which can make it appear that no one's reading. Unless one installs a break/jump which means the reader has to actually visit the blog to read the whole post.
    Plus, it has the added bonus of making lazy baggages like MJ (or The Mistress, or whatever she's calling herself) think that it's a nice short post. UNTIL SHE CLICKS ON THE JUMP! Hah hah hah haa haaa!

  6. I read all of your post in Feedly...
    I think you have to go to Blogger settings and you can set it so that only a snippet goes to the feed readers. I will go and see if I can find where to do this. Hang on.

  7. Okay...
    Go to settings.
    Click on 'Other'.
    You should see 'Site Feed' in large letters.
    You can then change this from 'Full Feed' to 'Until Jump Break', or simply change it to 'Short'.
    If you do this I will tell you if it works in Feedly.

  8. Ooh, you were up late The Ms Scarlets. We were snoring the Host's head off at that time!

    Thank you for the 'structions. I have done as you have commanded, so now we'll see if any difference has been made. Does it display on Feedly like it does here? You know, with the same layout, light-grey text on the dark background, pictures in the right places, etc?
    To tell the truth, I don't know if I particularly care where someone reads this blog, as long as they do. I'd like to say that I don't care if no-one reads it, but I think I would care.

  9. Oh, gods. I've just viewed the blog via Feedly and it looks terrible! The picture sizes are all over the shop, the text is all the same size and the SubC's text isn't formatted to the right margin - I can't tell who's saying what! Plus, I can still see the whole post. Maybe it's because I don't have a Feedly account?

  10. Calm down, Mr Devine! I won't be able to tell if your new settings have worked in Feedly until you publish a new post. Changes will only be effective from this point onwards... and yes, all our design tinkering is lost on feed readers... just black text on a white background.... so going for a short snippet for the feed is the way to go :-)

  11. Too young and pretty for me, I'm afraid.

    So more for you!

    I like them old, craggy, grumpy and padded.

    So more for me!

    Win win.

  12. I have always enjoyed him also, bit he is just getting hotter, and I'll bet he's hung!

  13. ::breathes into a paper bag::

    Sorry, Ms Scarlet. It all got a bit much for me. Especially the bit about publishing another post - I've got nothing prepared!

    ::breathes more deeply and nearly inhales errant receipt::

    P.S. Where's the other one of you?

    Roses: Isn't it lovely to be able to have our cake and eat it too. Compromise is for losers!

    Mistress Maddie: He is, isn't he.

    Getting hotter, that is.

    I don't know about your second point.


    (But I bet he is too. Very!)

  14. Where's the other one of me????? Good question? Never there when you bloody well need her.
    In any case, we will wait until your next post to see if your new blogging settings are working, in the mean time we will eat cake.

  15. I hope she's not already at the cake? I didn't factor the duplicate you in when I was on cake portion control!

  16. Compromise is the art of making everyone miserable!



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