Saturday, 6 June 2015

An Allotment of Aquilegias

 The lovely weather we've had lately has kept me outside rather than in, so I only have news from the gardening front. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I've realised that many of our latest posts are more about the pictures and less about the writing - something we must rectify soon. But not today.

 Today, I bring you an assortment of aquilegias (amongst other greenery) from The Mother's allotment. Many of these I have actively encouraged to grow, despite them taking up room for vegetable crops. Besides, The Mother doesn't visit the allotment as often as she used to, so Inexcuseable's husband and myselves have free rein to give it a good seeing to as we see fit.

 As always, click the pics to embigulate and remember that there are more after the break.

This double pink variety, like many aquilegias up here, is growing under an apple tree

Oops! How did these Alliums get here?

A stellata variety growing next to raspberry canes

Close up of the stellata

The view south from the allotment (that's giant hogweed in the foreground)

 There'll probably be a Castlette DeVice garden-related post coming up soon, so keep your green fingers & thumbs at hand!


  1. Those aquilegias and stellate are gorgeous. Love the color of them. I need to look into those. But allium are among my favorite. Must be the ball shape. And at first glance I thought the hogweed was pot leaves at first. I thought no wonder Device s always in a good mood.

  2. I don't know any of those flowers, but am admiring the colors and shapes very much. Lovely countryside.

    PS: Admiring the nice header font as well.

  3. They are gorgeous aren't they, Mistress Maddie! And so easy to grow - plus they self seed and don't need much in the way of maintenance.
    I love allium too - I have a Christophii variety that is just stunning. Or, it would be if the flower head didn't get broken off every year (last year by pigeons, this year by Cedplop!).

    I certainly won't be making brownies out of that hogweed, although it's handy for certain spells.

    LX: I should think that even you couldn't go wrong with aquilegias. Although they may get alternately frazzled or drowned if Texas's latest weather is anything to go by.

    I've just changed the rather harsh black-on-white to a more subdued grey-on-black. Not quite as startling.

  4. Glorious, Mr Devine! It is nearly time for a glimpse of my flourishing pink bush... it is pushing its way out from beneath the copper beech.
    And your header looks very nice too.

  5. I've missed your pink bush, Ms Scarlet! I can't wait to see it in all its glory.

  6. gawjish, simply gawjish.

  7. gawgiss. i'm too sleepy to be trolling around. 10,000 pardons.

  8. Let's simply blame it on autocorrect/spellchecker, shall we Norma?

  9. Lovely just lovely, your granny bonnets are a picture an i just love the double pink, is that a borage leaf I spy in pic 8? It's difficult to tell from this distance

  10. Why, yes it is, Princess. There's obviously nothing wrong with your eyesight if you can make it out from 10,330-odd miles away...

  11. I always think they look like bloomers! I love aquilegias so much. I saw a white with purple spots over the weekend and I think I might go back to nick some seeds.

  12. Ha! Yes. Perhaps Granny's Bloomers are more apt than Granny's Bonnets, Roses?

  13. i am impressed, sweetpea! those are stunning! love the new header, too. if i buy you a ticket, will you come and do some landscaping around here, sugar? ;) xoxoxxo

  14. I'd be delighted to, Savvy. As long as it's not too sunny and hot, that is. Oh, and I'd better renew my Passport, I suppose...


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