Thursday, 18 June 2015

Not the emperor's new clothes

 While searching through my old sketches looking for stuff that I could hastily throw together for the sixth in my Star Trek: Voyages That Never Were posts (because I couldn't think what else to do), I came across some ideas for T-shirts and jackets that I'd sketched about fifteen years ago. I hesitate to call them fashion - long-time readers can attest to my challenges in that department - so let's just stick to alternate universe items of apparel!

I still like this zip-hemmed T-shirt and - if I had the body - I'd wear it now,
cries of "Mutton!" be damned!


 As you can see, zips played a large part in these designs. Along with a skin-tight/form-fitting, tailored look.

 At the time I came up with these, I was a regular at Norwich's gay club scene (but not a dancing queen), which may account for the skin-tight T-shirts with their sheer-fabric panels etc? I thank the gods I was too lazy to actually make one of these things and wear it out. For a start, I didn't quite have the body of the invisible models displaying them here! 

The shoulders of this T-shirt would have been opaque, while the front & back panels would be sheer. The six small circles are eyelets, and there are ten more in the centre of the back.
Another panelled T-shirt, and a shark-inspired long-sleeve shirt.
A sketch of the shark gill shirt.
An overlapping sketch of a shirt and shark gill jacket.
The separate jack and shirt.
Be-Zippered casual jackets. My favourite is the one on the left.
The design sketches for the be-Zippered jackets.

 Right. That's it for now. You may be pleased to hear that I found nothing worth posting Star Trek-wise, so there'll be no Voyages That Never Were VI any time soon.



  1. I just noticed the updated Coven list in the side panel! OMG!

    Thank you.

  2. I love your sketches... the Abs, shoulders and waist of your invisible "torso man" show off your designs beautifully. they are quite ahead of their time with all that exposed zippery... I can hardly walk down the street these days without seeing an exposed zipper on shirts and skirts all about in all sorts of "odd" places and angles... young things must get so confused these days with so many options zipwize to try. I my day there was only one zip that I was really interested in...

  3. Ah, Norma! I now know who she is thanks to your January post. I think I just need to get a new 'do and some nice earings!

    LX: Blimey! I updated that some time earlier this year. I neglected to post the story of how it came about though. Maybe one day soon...?

    Princess: Thank you. And only one zip? This one?

  4. Oh! *Jumps up and down in an over excited manner like Kate Moss on an easyJet flight*
    You and Princess could open an international fashion house!!

  5. you were extremely fashion forward, sweetpea! xoxoxox

  6. Could you draw me some abs?

    I've been looking for some...

    Seriously, very cool.

    You should definitely wear the zipper shirt, you'd look so awesome. There would be jaws and drool on the floor as you go by!

  7. Ms Scarlet: And we'll ensure that the private jet that we use is well stcked with all sorts of sandwiches, too!

    Savvy: Does this mean that - ::looks down to see body clad in Japanese-print green T-shirt, slim-fit beige cords, and burgundy tennis shoes:: - what I'm wearing now will become fashionable in 15 years time?

    Roses: I'll have a go.

    In fact, you can have mine if you like. I haven't seen them since last Autumn when they hibernated for Winter under an insulating layer of blubber!

    Perhaps I should wait for them to reappear before donning the shirt?


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