Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ripples in the sand

 As there's precious little else to report at the moment, I thought I'd just show you some photos from my last spell ingredient hunt on Cromer beach.

Looking west to Cromer - Cromer church tower on the left, and the pier reaching out to sea

 I took the following photos while flying low over the beach on Broom. I rather like the alienness of the patterns in the wet sand.

 Until next time...


  1. Cool beach pix!

    PS: Have you seen Ex Machina? I saw it Friday and liked it very much.

  2. You were after a Purple Sponge and an unidentified sea slug, weren't you, without which THAT spell will never work.
    Anyhow, loving the sand patterns!

  3. Thanks, LX. I love the everchanging beaches around here.

    I haven't seen Ex Machina yet, but it's on my list. In fact, it's been bumped up the list following your recommendation!

    Tell me about it, Ms Scarlet! I think I'm destined never to cast that particular spell as several trips to the beach have yielded naught but a sea slug that I could actually identify!

  4. Who ever said "England doesn't have lovely beaches"
    That one looks allright to me... but then again this might be the only nice beach with real sand and all the others might be just pebbly piles of rubbish.

    The sand patterns are quite lovely and what might the little creatures that seem to have burrowed into the sand in the third pic? see how they have left little circular crater like holes in the puddles... or were you just using wand as a dibble?

  5. Oh lovely. The patterns in the sand are amazing.

    Hope your ingredient hunt went as well as your pix.

  6. PS. I've now got Belinda Carlisle in my head.


  7. Ah, Princess, Cromer beach is a mix of pebbles and sand, not unlike Walkerville beach (although, from comparing photos, it looks like Cromer may have more sand and not so many rock pools). The neighbouring Overstrand beach is more sandy.

    As to those craters in the pools, they are naught but depressions in the sand around small rocks or pebbles. Not a critter in sight!

    Oh, and it's far too cold to go dibbling with Wand at this time of year. Give it a month or two...

    Roses: Well, the hunt wasn't so successful so I went again the day before yesterday. I'll post pics from that excursion soon, no doubt.

    And Belinda? You're welcome!

  8. quite lovely images, sugarpie! ;) xoxoxox


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