Sunday, 12 April 2015

Jelly Babies vs Zoids, Part 2

Continued from... Jelly Babies vs Zoids, Part 1

 In a desperate attempt to boost ratings, some new, sexier characters zoids have been introduced!

Having run the Brontozoid off the edge of a desk cliff after the last episode, the Jelly Babies of Doom acquire new targets

A Kroc makes short work of a Yellow Jelly Baby but attracts the attentions of the fallen Baby's brethren

The Scorpozoid and a Mantazoid are of no help to the Kroc

The Jelly Babies prevent the Kroc from opening its deadly jaws

The Zoids are quickly overpowered by the remaining Jelly Babies of Doom

Continued in... Jelly Babies of Doom... are Dooomed!


  1. I do hope the networks pick this up.

    I can't wait for the next episode....

  2. Hey, a Kroc that won't get you banned at Infomaniac! Well done sir!

  3. Roses: I'm holding out for BBC3 to pick this up, and completely ignoring the overtures that ITV keep pestering me with.

    LX: I can but hope!

  4. I think they need a big boat. Perhaps you could make it out of cake?

  5. I think they need a big telling off, Ms Scarlet. They leave their delicious remains all over the place for anyone to just walk past and consume!

    Oh, and take care when using the C word - MJ, I mean The Mistress is about.

  6. You need the "Transformers" to come in and stomp the little buggers to death. "Optimus Prime" would make squishy mincemeat of the lot of them...

  7. I called Optimus, but he was getting his tailpipe seen to, so I took other measures...


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