Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Spell at the Seaside

 Success! No, not Cromer Pier winning Pier of the Year 2015; 

Ignore bottom right - it must have been rubbish collection day
 I finally got lucky finding ingredients for the spell I'm working on. And, no, not THAT spell, Ms Scarlet, as I'm still missing a purple sponge. Although I'm wondering if a pink-nylon-netting-shower-pom-pom-on-a-string-thingamie will do instead?

Common whelk egg cases

Beadlet sea anemones

Common starfish - I rescued it from being mauled by a dog

Some sort of worm tubes. Possibly some sort of Polychaete Sabellida?

 Now comes the hard part: I have to combine them in such a way not to create a gigantic unstoppable monster the likes of which only Godzilla - or possibly the Chewit Monster - can vanquish!


  1. Excellent finds and pix. Well done on the starfish rescue!

    A passing offshore hurricane kicked up a lot of waves in Hawaii. The next day at the beach there were many good sea shells to choose from. Also, a lot of live sea urchins were stranded on the beach, so we spent a couple of hours tossing them back into the ocean.

  2. I go a bit silly in the presence of star fish, so I am pleased that you rescued it.
    Is Cromer pier the only pier not to have burnt down?
    Meanwhile, be careful with THAT spell is you use a nylon thingy wotsit.... because it will end up removing far more than dry skin.

  3. where's jacques cousteau when you need him.

  4. LX: Thankfully, we don't have to contend with hurricans here. Maybe that's why we never see any sea urchins?

    Ms Scarlet: Cromer Pier may not have burned down recently, but a few years ago it did get unceremoniously chopped in half when a storm smashed a ship into it!

    I've noted your warning about using the nylon thingy wotsit, thank you.

    Norma: Buggering about in his bathescaphe, I shouldn't wonder.

  5. i seem to only find broken shells round here on the beach. *sigh* your photos make me slightly jealous, sugarpie! ;) xoxoxo

  6. Broken shells are better than none, Savvy.

    Unless they're razor sharp and you're walking over them... Which I hope is not the case?!


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