Thursday, 9 April 2015

Jelly Babies vs Zoids, Part 1

Continued from... Jelly Babies on the move

 An increase in the budget means that we've been able to build a new set and props!

The Jelly Babies of Doom come across a lone Stegazoid and quickly devour it

A Brontozoid and Mantazoid come to the stricken Stegazoid's aid, but too late!

Brontozoid blasts a couple of Jelly Babies apart, but Mantazoid is quickly overpowered

Realising that resistance is futile, the Brontozoid turns to flee, vowing to bring help

Some of the Jelly Babies of Doom give chase...

 Continued in... Jelly Babies vs Zoids, Part 2



  1. Oh dear. I'm wondering if a spray bottle of Banish® de-nymphing solution would help with the Jelly Babies® infestation. ???

  2. Now I know what contributed the great dinozoid extinction...
    Sneaky little tykes those Jelly Babies. They come across as being all sweet and squishy gently lulling you into a sugar induced coma then BANG! It's too late, they've got you and before you know it you're joining the feathered choir...

  3. Well, I've discovered Banish® works on Water Babies, LX, so maybe?

    Princess: It seems you have experience in such matters. How ever did you manage to escape their fiendish sugar clutches?


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