Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Birthday Books

Well, it's the end of the month and all those Tin Hat shenanigans are over, so I thought I'd better post another update of the books I've read. I'll warn you now before you scroll down that this is a 'Trek-heavy post.
I'll also give you a preview of what to expect from upcoming book-related posts by showing you the books I received for my birthday a week or so ago.

I finished Four Past Midnight, by Stephen King not long after I last did a book post. The second and third stories in this collection are The Library Policeman and The Sun Dog, respectively.
After the somewhat disappointing first two stories, I was pleasantly surprised by these final two. 6.3. The Library Policeman is a good old fashioned horror story in a typical King style. 6.4. The Sun Dog has a slow but tense build up to its conclusion but the storylines of the two main characters, 'Pop' Merrill and Kevin, didn't swap back and forth enough for my liking. I thought Kevin's story was over with as Pop's went on for so long, so it was a surprise to be reintroduced to him near the end of the book.
All in all, I would recommend Four Past Midnight for the concept of The Langoliers and the tense build up of The Sun Dog.

7. The Lives of Dax, edited by Marco Palmieri

This is a lovely anthology based on the character Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For those not in the know, Dax is a joined Trill, a humanoid host with a worm-like symbiont living inside it. The symbiont is implanted into the abdomen of a host and the two become 'joined' - become one being. At the end of the host's life, the long-lived symbiont is removed and implanted into a new host, taking with it the stored memories of all past hosts, thus ensuring a sort of immortality.
Each of the stories focuses on one of the hosts of the Dax symbiont. Beginning with the current host, Ezri Dax, all ten hosts are covered but the temporarily joined Verad doesn't have a story for himself as his few hours of being joined are told in the episode Invasive Procedures. He does play a major part in Jadzia Dax's story, though.
My favourite stories are those of the first host Lela, and her first contact with an alien race. Second host Tobin, and his thwarting of Romulan hijackers with new invention the transporter along with Spock's grandfather, Skon. Fourth host Audrid's letter to her estranged daughter, Neema Cyl. The long suppressed sixth host Joran's murderous nature, and the tenth and current host Ezri's story of an unprepared, almost forced joining.

8. Star Trek: Romulans - Pawns of War, by John Byrne

This collection of six comics was given to me by a still-not-topless-and-paint-flecked friend for my birthday. The story is told from a Romulan perspective and begins with the events from The Original Series episode Balance of Terror and goes on to cover the brief duplicitous alliance between the Romulans and the Klingons. It also features the character Number One (portrayed by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as M. Leigh Hudec) from the pilot episode, now a commodore and commanding officer of the USS Yorktown NCC 1717.
I loved this collection (one might call it a graphic novel if one was particulary snobby) for its portrayal of the Romulans - A somewhat underused race in Star Trek on the small (and large) screen, in my opinion. The only problem with it is that universal one of not being able to follow the panels easily on those layouts that span the spine. I don't know why these comics/graphic novels are still produced in a portrait format? A landscape format is much more logical when the artists obviously seem to prefer a 'widescreen' look.

9. Star Trek: Mirror Universe - The Sorrows of Empire, by David Mack

This book was also a gift from the generous above-mentioned friend. It's by one of my very favourite Star Trek authors and is the story of the rise and fall of the Terran Empire from the Mirror Universe established in The Original Series episode Mirror Mirror.
I finished reading this book last night - Just in time to add it it to this post!

So, now those are out of the way, I'm free to show you an exclusive preview of upcoming books, all of which were birthday presents from The Parents (as instructed by my sister, Inexcuseable DeVice):


    OMG - i think I just fell in serious trek geek love with you.

    Wanna see my phaser ;) ?

  2. I would like to read some of the Star trek books but have no idea where to start :-(

  3. Beast, the general rule of thumb is: DON'T!! They've gotten too continuity-laden for my taste in recent years. Though the mirror universe one is a good read, and standalone, so maybe give that a whirl.

    Ha, I know the author of that Being Human book!

  4. Dear Mr Device,

    It would seem that you have been festooned with copious ammounts of nocturnal reading matter following your recent passing... of age.

    The closest that I have ever gotten to reading Sci Fi was an attempt at reading "The chronicles of Narnia"

    I got as far as the Closet and stayed there for many years...

    Imagine my horror when I discovered all those Huge Beavers... and then my total shock when they opened there mouths, spoke and had huge teeth to boot!

    That I must say, was one of the defining moments in my life....

    I soon kicked the doors off that old closet and finally and fabulously stepped out into the rainbow lights of freedom following the extreme torment I had experienced in Narnia!

    But please continue to enjoy your reading

  5. Beavers with teeth?

    That's Vagina Dentata, Princess.

    Be afraid.

    It's time for Mistress MJ to have a serious talk with Damien about the dangers of cavorting with men like IVD with warty wands. Unless, of course, his “phaser” is equally disease-ridden.

    As for Beast, suddenly he has time to read but can’t make a decent effort where a compo entry is concerned.

    It would be nice if he could use his reading time to bathe, as well.

  6. You've been a busy bee.

    How can you have that much time to read when you are a domestic partner? I thought you people were chained to the bed with the phaser permanently set on.

  7. Damien: At last! Someone who appreciates the literary art of Star Trek.

    * hopes aforementioned phaser is a phaser-rifle and not a puny Type-1 phaser *

    Oh, and take no notice of MJ.

    BEAST: Take no notice of Tim (except, maybe, for the mirror universe bit). The Lost Era novels are great reads and are pretty much stand-alone stories. I highly recommend Serpents Among The Ruins and Well Of Souls!

    Tim: I notice he's recently commented on your Facebook status.
    Are there any media-types you *don't* know?

    Princess: I'm so pleased that you managed to escape from those horrors. Perhaps you should take note of MJ's suggestions. Well, perhaps only points one and three...

    MJ: I really think you're getting me confused with that other blogger: IhaveVD.

    'Petra: Normally you'd be correct. However, last week SP was incapacitated with ManFlu™ which he passed on to me at the beginning of this week, so we've both had plenty of time for reading.

  8. Wow! You have read a lot of books! That's one pleasant way to spend a sick day or two.

    How helpful and kind of your sister to inform your parents of what books to buy for your birthday!

    The only books I ever got for my birthday from my parents and other relatives were the Bible--seriously, I had several copies of the Bible as presents growing up. Those really sucked because the stories were still the same! I'd much rather have a comic book or at least a water pistol.

  9. Thank you Mr Device and Thank you too Dear Mistress for clarifying a conundrum i had been having regarding...

    "That's Vagina Dentata"
    You have put a name to the condition that i am now convinced
    a very dear friend of mine suffered.
    She described suffering symptoms if this awful maladay in the changing rooms at the Golf Club and Swimming pool...

    I suggested that she see her orthogynecologist who examained her thoroughly and cured her by inserting a lovely set of porceline venereals.
    She is now ever so happy and butch and "Am just so totally into minge"...

    Bless her... right down to her little old hiker boots...

    Thankyou MJ! Conundrum solved!

  10. I don't read, but I must admit, Stephen King DOES rock.


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