Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tin Hat and Tales Compo

Now, today in Britland it's Mothers Day (who knows what kind of bizarre days you foreigners are celebrating?). And, taking inspiration from this auspicious day and my last post, I have decided to hold a competition. We all know that, as kids, we were often thwarted from carrying out nefarious and diabolical schemes by the insidious mind powers wielded by our Mothers. And sometimes even other people's Mothers. They'd always know when mud-pie mud was about to be hurled near to (or even at) their washing, or trampled through the house. Their Mother-sense would kick in from up to three rooms away when cupboards were opened and biscuits/cookies were about to be liberated from their packet/jar, thus spoiling our appetite for the
(often gruesome) impending tea/dinner. And then there's the ignominy of the almost insufferable face-wipe using a hankie moistened with their own spit! Oh, the horror!

Well, to vex the Mothers of the world, I am holding this competition. The rules are as follows:

To enter, you must make a tin foil hat to block the Mothers all-seeing & all-knowing mind-beams, take a photo of yourself wearing said chapeau (or, if you are camera-shy, put it on a melon or other head-sized object) and send me the photo (email address is in my profile) along with a short technical description of the hat's functions, or a tale of Mother-thwarting derring-do to go with it.
The winner will be chosen by any/all of myselves, and displayed on this here blog. There will also be a (yet to be determined, but you can guarantee it'll be cheap) prize, or prizes.
And when do we have to get these photos sent in by, I hear you ask? Why, by midnight Saturday 20th March (GMT).

So, there you have it. You have little under a week to design and build your tin foil hat(s - multiple entries will be considered) and email it in. I will declare the winner (and loser) the following day. Or possibly on the Monday depending how lazy/busy I am on the Sunday. I may even make a hat myself!

Good luck and godspeed!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Brilliant idea!

    Although I have run out of tin foil: FAIL.

  2. OOOOOh, what a marvelous idea! I just love a competition.
    Houseboy! Get Princess some tin foil and lots of it. NOW!

    *skips off delightedly giggleing with excitement to find pencil and scketch pad*

  3. Cool! Sounds like fun! I'm going to see if I have enough foil! I'm all ready bursting with ideas!

  4. I thought it was odd that you didn't put one of yourself in the there.

    Oh and apparently my mother never wiped me with own spit. Thank god!

  5. Tim: Buy some more, quickly. We'll have no failing here!

    Princess: If you create multiple entries, perhaps your squadron of handsome houseboys can model them for us?

    Eros: If you haven't got enough foil, please see my response to Tim.

    'Petra: I may post my tin foil hat creation during this week - Just to give you something to look at until all the entries are in.

    re the Mother Spit: Aren't you the lucky one. Not only did The Mother spit'n'wipe me, but the baby sitter did too!

  6. Shit! I've just been to Sainsbury's and I forgot!

    I did buy toffee muffins though - what if I balanced one of them on my head?

  7. Whilst wearing nothing else? OK, Tim, I'm sure I can settle for that.

  8. Which is worse? Real Mum spittle on a hanky or a whole bottle of Momspit ( from the market?! I don't know about you, but this conjures up a rather unpleasant image in my head!!

    Looking forward to checking out the competition winners :-)

  9. Eeeeeeeu! bottled Momspit!? Groooooooss!!

    (Seriously, though, sounds like a great product - but MOMSPIT?! Awful name)

    IDV, I'm ignoring your horrifically perverted muffin comment. Suffice to say: NO!

  10. Ah, welcome OddThomas. But what is not welcome is the Momspit. Eeeewwwww!

    What do you mean "checking out the competition winners"? If you take part, you may be one of them!

    Of course, there's only one winner I'll be checking out. Have you bought some foil yet, Tim?

  11. I just might give that a go seeing I used to live in Luton.