Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Does anyone else find this a trifle unnerving?

Image and news story from the Beeb

I don't believe for one moment that 75 starlings all commited suicide rather than get torn apart by a hawk or some other predator. No. This smacks of something much more sinister: A UFO with a cloaking device!
Those poor birds obviously flew straight into the side of a hovering alien space craft of some sort, hence all those broken beaks. Quick everyone, don your tin-foil hats to repel the aliens insidious mind control powers!


Haven't any of you seen Signs?


  1. A Klingon Bird-of-Prey…?

    I'll wager they did a slingshot around the sun. undoubtedly they're after me like Nero was after Kirk!

  2. *gets spray bottle of water ready*

    now come and get it you miserable scum of the universe!

  3. Oh, I think it's a sign all right!

    I've seen this happen in a different movie! The Core! The birds losing their directions and crashing is a sign that the earth's magnetic shield is weakening! That's just the first sign of worse things to come! The Mayans were right! The world is ending in 2012!

  4. It is a bit freaky Mr DeVice and the cloaked Alien spaceship is the only thing that makes any sense . Mind you the Aliens are a bit thick if they are trying to stalk Tim in Somerset.

  5. Thank you for the warning, I'm sitting here with the tinfoil head gear on again and boarding up the windows as we speak. But this time i will make sure that I have a torch that works just in case, and turn on the garden sprinkler system.(bugger the water use restrictions)

    With all these birds falling from the sky like that....

    Are you sure that they are not shooting another series with that cute boy from "Young Shakespeare in Love" Tho why he would pick gwenneth over ben i just could never figure? You know the one. he has a bigger brother that tries to act too. oh I hope we are all not going to fall asleep again simultaineously and see into the future, funny , but last time it happened I saw myself starting a blog. How curious?

    Perhaps it was just the Mistress having some in flight entertainment on infomaniac airlines.

    Oh and Hi Tim, Pete, Eros, and Mr Beastie

  6. Tim: Undoubtedly.

    'Petra: Ooh! Excellent choice of weapon. I'm going to get my plant mister out.

    Eros: Aaaaaaahhhhh! Run away!

    BEAST: I think you're right. Tim's obviously very good at leaving a trail of misinformation.

    Not like that trail that Mistress Infomaniac leaves...

    Princess: I don't know about you, but I've suddenly come over all Tippi Hedren.
    Although your precognitive dreams are certainly very accurate, I hope the one about the Mistress causing this havoc turns out to be incorrect. If it's true, she'll only use her burgeoning powers of bird-control for evil.

  7. You've come all over Tippi Hedren? DIRTY BOI! Give her a wet wipe.


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