Thursday, 18 March 2010

Tin Hat Teaser

Here is a little something to encourage you all to get those tin foil hats made, photographed and sent in:

Remember: To enter, you must make a tin foil hat to block the Mothers all-seeing & all-knowing mind-beams (see previous post), take a photo of yourself wearing said chapeau (or, if you are camera-shy, put it on a melon or other head-sized object) and send me the photo (email address is in my profile) along with a short technical description of the hat's functions, or a tale of Mother-thwarting derring-do to go with it.
The winner will be chosen by any/all of myselves, and displayed on this here blog. There will also be a (yet to be determined, but you can guarantee it'll be cheap) prize, or prizes.
And when do we have to get these photos sent in by, I hear you ask? Why, by midnight Saturday 20th March (GMT).

I have since decided that there will be two winners: One chosen by me, the other chosen by yourselves. I'm going to display all the entries for you to choose your favourite. Whomsoever receives the most votes (or approximations thereto), shall win.

Get your thinking caps on. And if they're made of foil, all the better!


  1. It doesn't leave much time does it. I firstly need to buy more tinfoil and a melon. Will try to make the deadline though.

  2. Shit! I've just been to Sainsburys AGAIN and forgotten AGAIN!

  3. You've got all weekend, 'Petra. Aren't you going to model the hat yourself?

    You senile old cow, Tim. Where on earth are your marbles?

  4. Let me settle in from my week abroad and you'll soon have my entry.

  5. Noooooooooooooooo , I dont have a day off till sunday 21'st , so I may be a little late :-(

  6. Check your inbox for Mistress MJ's Prizewinning Tinfoil Hat.

    You might as well mail me my prize in advance.

  7. MJ: Eww! I'm sure I don't want anything that's entered you.

    BEAST: Don't worry. I may extend the deadline to Monday. Although, I'm sure it won't take all of Sunday to make a tin foil hat.

    Unless you've got a really elaborate design planned?

    MJ: Ohhhh... That sort of entry.

  8. Keep in mind that BEAST HAS AN ITCHY BUMHOLE.

    I'm sure that's hindering his progress on the hat.

  9. I shall make an announcement about your compo in my Saturday post.

    Not that I should be getting the punters' hopes up as I'm going home with the prize.

  10. RUDE!

    WV: 'Mahsta,' like I'm a slave or something.

  11. MJ: Urrrgh! I can only imagine the horror of a hat conceived from an itchy bumhole.

    And thank you for your gracious announcement. You might very well end up with the prize if I don't get some more entries soon - I expect everyone's waiting for the weekend to create their masterpieces?

    Tim: If only!

  12. I believe that i have left a little someting in your in box too Mr Device, and if MJ thinks that she has one this comp already there could well be a tinfoil Slap off!
    That is... if i am still online:(

  13. Oh, good. Yes, please extend your deadline, as my camera is experiencing technical difficulties! It's been to the beach this week and now it's not working right. I'll be sure to send in my entry!

  14. I'm with Eros - can you extend the deadline? That'll give me a chance to buy some tinfoil and not do a scale model on Denny Crane.

  15. I say nay to the extention proposed as I've rushed the construction of mine and it's unfair that everyone gets more time to tinker with their hats.

    Bah humbug!

  16. Oh, go on then (sorry 'Petra). The deadline's extended.
    But I haven't decided until when, so look sharp!

    I'll be back tomorrow with a proper update.

  17. That's the only thing I want you extending, mind.

  18. Scarlet, I believe IVD’s extended the deadline. He’s just been too lazy to update.

  19. I sent an entry. Worries.

    Oh Hai Miss Scarlet, MJ, Princess, Pete!

  20. As this is photography... I could really really cheat.... I have ideas...

  21. 'Petra: Is it Christmas already?

    MJ: Ah. So that's it.

    Tim: Bah humbug!

    Scarlet Blue: Why, a lady is never late. It's just that the schedule wasn't aware of the lady's prior engagements.

    Lazy, MJ? Why, I'll have you know that I've been entertaining The Parents - Such a chore can never be regarded as lazy!

    xl: Don't worry just yet - I haven't checked my emails...

    Miss Scarlet: Cheat?! Then perhaps you're not the lady I thought you were?


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