Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Something for something's sake

I suppose I'd better get on with something.

The thing is, I don't know with what.



Ooh! I know: I'll redo an old meme. Here goes:


Where is your cell/mobile phone? Ummmm... Possibly in the bowl of plenty (read: a bowl that holds all our keys, wallets, receipts, gubbins etc.) in the kitchen?

Vehicle? I think you all know Car, but I also have the use of Olive and Harry II (SP's Volvo C70 convertible and his Mercedes S Class, respectively). And Broom!
We're in the process of having the driveway redone,
hence the mud and freshly laid turf.

Hair? Is in danger of taking over the world! As you can see. Hmmm... Could do with a shave, too.

Father? Ye gods, no! I mean: I'm not one, nor do I wish to be. The Father is still around, though.

Your favorite thing? It'd have to be Car.

Dream last night? I can't remember.

Favourite drink? Coffee.

Room you are in? The study (also known as the third bedroom).

Your ex? Knight or the Wriggler?

You are? Reading this meme.

What do you want to be in ten years? My answer from last time still stands: In a better body. A published author? Rich? Still a Smug Married? Alive?

Who did you hang out with today? No one - I hate people!

What you're not? Very tolerable right now. As SP can atest to.

Muffins? Oog, no. I'm full of jelly babies.

One of your wish list items? A Citroen C6 in dark indigo. Either that or a new familiar. I've had to resort to using next door's bunny!

Where is the ____ ? bloody time going to?!

The last thing you did? Gulped some water to wash down a huge mouthful of jelly babies. The very same ones which caused "Oog" a couple of questions back.

What are you wearing? Scruffs: Jeans, black T-shirt and blue zip-up non-hoody top thing. Oh, and my reading glasses.

Your pet(s) ? All rabbit familiars are dead - Nuffy, Gitface (nee Mopsy) and Wilma - and I don't think Clone-Beaky counts. Or Mrs Beaky, for that matter. Yes, the shrill, evil little bugger is still with him.

Your computer? Could do with having a new, more ergonomic desk under it.

Your life? Appears to be going quite well, thank you.

Your mood? Is not conducive to having unexpected guests. Or even expected guests. Let's just say I'm a little mardy right now, and leave it at that.

Missing? A pneumatic strut from Car's boot/trunk lid. I mean: Where the hells could it have got to?

What are you thinking about right now? Has my (normally excellent) posture caused my bad back, or is it stress?

Your shoes? No longer seem to be made for walking.

Your work? Is becoming less and less important in the grand scheme of things.

Your summer? Had better be good.

Your favorite colour? Right now, that gold and red shot black one can see when one closes one's eyes. I'm sleepy.

And that, as they say, is that. I'll try and come up with something a bit better next time.

::EDIT:: Princess suggested tagging people (I was too tired to think about doing it last night), so here goes: Princess, Eros, 'Petra, Beast and Tim. Oh, and if you're not too busy, Dinah, I'd like to see you have a go, too. Do your worst, my pretties!


  1. Dear Mr De Vice,

    You are a bit weary by the sounds of things, Why not tag a few people with a meme to take a load off for a while? Just a thought....

    PS. there is nothing wrong with the hair, let it grow wild and free... Particulsrly when riding with the top down in a borrowed convertable...

    Oh and it was freshly laid "Turf"
    on the new driveway...

  2. The turf looks very nice! The hair looks very nice and lively, too.

    Err...under pets, did something happen to Moom?

    What are you thinking about right now? Has my (normally excellent) posture caused my bad back, or is it stress?

    I think it's all that new drive way paving and turf laying! Or some sort of laying. Do some light stretches and a take it easy for a few days. Hope the back gets better.

  3. But Car still struts down the street right?

  4. Princess: Oh, yes! Tags! I'll make the required amendments now...

    And of course it was turf. What else wou- Oh. I see!

    Eros: Moom's ok, she just makes for a very poor familiar. You see, she's lazier than a bag full of lazies.

    'Petra: Oh, yes!

  5. Oh dear gawd, that hair.

    What are gubbins?

  6. Excuse me, did you say READING GLASSES?


    *runs off to email Piggy*

  7. MJ: Don't diss the hair or it'll come and get you!

    Gubbins are all sorts of flotsam & jetsam. You know, those indeterminate bits and pieces that may have fallen off something and will be useful one day?

    * casts a pox on the intermaweb between Canada & Yorkshire, but fears it might be too late *

  8. I'll have to do that one. Maybe this weekend?

    Anyway glad to hear that Car is still strutting.

  9. Ripping IDV to shit in 3 … 2 … 1…

    • "The bowl of plenty" Oh, swinging now, huh?

    • How many effing cars do you need?! Jeebus!

    • Hair = Tom Baker.

    • Your favorite thing? It'd have to be Car - Way to make SP feel valued.

    • "I'm full of jelly babies" - See, Tom Baker.

    • "One of your wish list items? A Citroen C6 in dark indigo" - Oh, give it a week and the secondhand values will be down to about 50p (in all honesty, I do like these, though).

    • Your computer - needs to be wound up again and the valves need to be replaced.

    I may get round to doing this. Although now you'll try to make amusing comments out of my answers, so I may not.

  10. Shit! It was only a suggeation Dhaarling...

    But one must never step back from a challenge...

    I shall be gracious in acceptance of it...
    *stomps off berating self for opening very large mouth*

  11. Oh and the first one of you to mention MJ's fish gets a Bitchslap from me...

  12. Oh, I'll start working on this.

  13. By the look of that hair , you have been eating your crusts and no mistake . Do you know I have lost the tonno cover for my hatchback boot.... I echo your dismay , where the hell did it go , I have my suspicions ***Glares at Mr C***

  14. Beast: Eating his crusts?

    Or wanking a lot?

    Oh, my mistake.

    That would be hairy palms.

  15. I don't think we want to hear about anything crusty - especially not involving IDV after we've seen the image of his wand time and time again.

    Am I right MJ?

  16. Ok. I've done the meme.

  17. 'Petra: Good job you had something to do seeing as you didn't make it to Copenhagen.

    Oh, Tim. Do you really think I'd resort to such a tit-for-tat approach to commenting?

    You do?

    Ah, well, you'll have brought it on yourself.

    Oh, and re the hair comment: Rather Tom than Colin!

    Princess: And very gracious you were, too!

    Eros: Finished, I see. Bravo!

    BEAST: Seeing as I can't readily think of anyone to blame for my missing item, I'll also glare at Mr C.

    MJ: * hands over unused palm comb *

    'Petra: Now look what you've done!

  18. So if your shoes don't seem to be made for walking, anymore, what will you use them for?

    I decided to do this meme today.


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