Monday, 12 January 2009

The Worm Has Turned!


I found this daubed on a piece of street furniture at the back of my home:

It would appear that Timothy Elizabeth Leng, concerned at my less than regular posting, has turned from stalkee to stalker to find out what I've been up to that's more important than paying him compliments. Albeit rather blatantly salacious and lascivious ones.

Oh, he might put up a fuss at my 'attentions', but he gets exceedingly jealous if I so much as look at another blogger!

Anyway, it seems he's fought off other would-be stalkers and claimed his territory by leaving his mark:

Looks like he needs a little more practise with the spray control, though. Just look at the run-off on the L & E. Not to mention the faded downstroke on the G.

Come on, Tim. I expected more from you. And how about a little colour next time, hmm?


  1. Who cares about the run-off and faded downstroke - I meant to do it on Car's bonnet!

  2. Tim *and* SP. My, I'm surprise you have any time to blog.

  3. Nice!

    If you're lucky, you'll get a whole mural next time!

  4. CyberPetra: You have a point. Do you think that's why his tag is white?

    MJ: It is indeed.

    Tim: Do it on Car's bonnet? Why, if you insist!

    Snooze: It's a good thing I have multiple personalities.

    Eros: If I'm lucky I'll catch Tim in the act!

  5. It's all about reading the not so hidden messages.

  6. If I'm lucky I'll catch Tim in the act!

    With you!

  7. Not 'it' you pervert!

  8. Obsession is a terrible thing(That goes for the aftershave as well) , expect to find Beaky simmering gently on the stove one evening

  9. It's definitely got the southpaw slant to it, that's for sure...


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