Friday, 16 January 2009

Items of Interest: Liquid lunch for me, Mrs M.

Ah, I'm already on the fourth in the Items of Interest series. Just goes to show that I've got bugger all else to blog about, doesn't it?

Well, actually, I do have a couple more posts in mind, but they're a bit lengthy and I haven't had time to compose them properly. I might have a go at one of them while I'm in the bath later...

Anyway, back to this post. You know what to do: Guess what the item in question is. Or, at least, make up something preposterous.

Away you go, then!

P.S. The item in question (as can all the other Items of Interest) can be seen in this post, albeit from a distance.


  1. Obviously it's a swarovsky crystal whiskey bottle. You know, the Blake Carrington variety of Dynasty.

  2. It's the view from the inside of your bizarre bile-and-newspaper chrysalis where you're hibernating after eating Beaky's family.

  3. MJ: Same to you, too!

    CyberPetra: Is there any other kind?

    Tim: Good gods! What kind of cheese-dream world are you living in?
    That comment's creepier than me sitting on your window ledge watching as you typed it.

    Cooeee, btw.

  4. Half the zipper of the one that got away.

    Steel pantyhose hose for those days when one needs extra support.

  5. I was going to say glass window or a new crystal ball, but I'm taking another guess. It's a decanter.

  6. Its your portable lighthouse , that you use to signal sailors 'in distress' while trawling Norwich docks.
    Do you take your laptop in the bath ?

  7. Spike, darling: Bwah hah hah hah ha!

    Eros: Have you been sitting on my window ledge?

    BEAST: Did you co-conspire with MJ to come up with that answer?

    As for the laptop question: Heavens no! I don't own a laptop. I take my notepad & pen in with me.

  8. eeeew thats way pervy

  9. I say the decanter too.

    But since that has already been said a couple of times, perhaps the glass in the wall sconces?

  10. Anonymous17/1/09 15:21

    It's the chicken wire thats covering the cage that you get put in at bed-time, isn't it?

    What do I win?

  11. Well you're clearly at the wrong house - there is no window ledge nearby!


  12. One side of a nifty glass vase?

  13. Absolutely not. You've got to have one of those. I have one too although not crystal like yours.

  14. Anonymous18/1/09 14:16

    It is a chandelier of the lah-de-dah seventies variety.
    I love 'em but most people hate them.

  15. It's the Bird. He's been sending me surveillance fotos.

  16. It looks like a vase, or a crystal ice bucket my mother has. Quite possibly a decanter which may or may not be of wedgewood or bohemian crystal origin.

    Or I could be dead wrong...

  17. It's the inner workings of your, Orgasmatron, which you purchased from Duran Duran, following its post-Barbarella rebuild


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