Wednesday, 28 January 2009

For Piggy

* S N A P S *

There. Satisfied, Piggy?

You didn't think there was an actual physical prize, did you? I still haven't got around to posting Snooze's prize for guessing what the initials SP stood for. And, you'll have to share those snaps with T-bird because she made the effort to describe which part of Aliens the quote was from.

Now. No squabbling over it.


  1. ***sigh***
    Piggy is NEVER satisfied

  2. Send him a stick of rock and be done with it.

  3. Careful - you could have someones eye out with those snaps!

  4. Uh, I'd have guessed it right if I saw it in time...

    *insanely high pitched girly scream* RIPLEY!!!!!

  5. BEAST: Well, what can one expect with a starfish the size of a binbag? Poor Tazzy.

    MJ: I don't think a stick of rock will satisfy him.

    Tim: Better one than both.

    Skillz: I was hoping this would draw you out.

    * Looms up out of the water and drags Newt away, leaving only a dolls head *

    Eros: Piggy doesn't need any more ginger.

  6. Anonymous29/1/09 18:30

    Plain white snaps?

    Not even a touch of colour?

    You cheap bastard.


  7. I'll take my snaps where I can get them these days.


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