Sunday, 4 January 2009

Over The Cusp: A look back

Because I'm pressed for time-
And lazy.
Quiet you! As I was saying before Witchface's SubC so rudely interrupted, I have very little time on my hands right now, so I've had to resort to re-posting. Kind of. So, if you good Bloggers find yourselves with the excess time that I don't have, here're the links to 2008's jaunts from over The Cusp should you wish to relive the horror. If you don't, you'll just have to lump it! Enjoy-
If you can.
Timothy Scissorhands

The Frog Prince

The Prince(ss) and the Pee


  1. Eroswing's bellybutton is leaking.

    What DO you have on your hands since it isn't time?

  2. I don't think we really need to know that MJ.

    The stories are fabulous and the photos ever so delightful.

    WV: messes

  3. I suppose I shall need a hand to fix that leak and clean up that mess!

    The tales are very entertaining and as usual, you did an excellent job.

    I see you've done some subtle but definitely big impact changes on the blog. Very nice.

  4. MJ: My hands are covered in Vaseline Intensive Care moisturiser to prevent dry skin and chapping.

    It really is moisturiser.


    CyberPetra: I thought you'd appreciate the reposting of a certain photo. Now, stop making a mess!

    Eros: I'm sure 'Petra will be only too pleased to give you that hand, only he seems to be creating more mess than he's clearing up!

    Thank you for the compliment - I'll be posting some more stories from over The Cusp soon.

  5. Hark at you - "I'm so busy, but you're not. My life's exciting, but yours isn't."

    Filthy swine!

    This is like that time before when you kept posting things like "I'm too busy to post, come back next week." I bet you're just sitting on your sofa watching your Pushing Daisies boxset over and over!

  6. He's admiring Ned's eyebrows. Aren't you, my dear?

    Happy New Year to you and the SP!

  7. Too busy to post indeed....
    probably arranging stuff on doileys and plumping cushions and practicing that 'tongue out' face in the mirror

  8. You like a bit of filth, don't you Tim?

    I'm not watching Pushing Daisies. But I will be now!

    T-Bird: They are rather delicious!

    BEAST: I don't know what you mean, I'm sure.

    * resumes arranging flowers and polishing the silverware *

  9. Vaseline Intensive Care moisturiser?

    KY Jelly, more like.

  10. I think it's more like Boy Butter MJ

  11. Then having a quick spruce round with the Vacuum screamer

  12. I love the way that comments on your blog can veer from my "you disgust me" to Dinah's "happy new year."

    Good times indeed.

  13. I'm not one to throw stones but someone needs to get out of the bedroom and into the living room to blog.

  14. Glad one of us is having sex!

    I'll just go back to rereading all your fab stories from last year.


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