Friday, January 09, 2009

S is for Something...

nooze has tasked me with this meme. How this memetic works is that you leave a comment on this post, and I'll assign you a letter. Then you write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

I (as well as all others) was given the letter S, so it seems only fitting that the first subject should be Snooze herself. After all, she is ever so delightful. Even though she does get turned on by wearing snugly fitted jeans. Does anyone else have this affliction?

tar Trek: Deep Space Nine.
I like Star Trek in general, but I love DS9. The premise, the characters, the space station itself (and the attached starship Defiant), the ongoing story arcs - It's just like a soap opera in space, but with much better acting and less sex. However, there are bigger shoulderpads - At least, those worn by the Klingons and Romulans are.I especially love the continuing stories being told in the DS9 relaunch series of novels (which are being released far too slowly for my liking).
My hopes are up that the new Star Trek film (out this May) will be just as good. You'd better not dash them, JJ Abrams!

parky Malarkey, the blog-home of Tim, Hottest Blogger Evah!

I think we all know how I('d like to) feel about this particular blogger, so I shall say no more.

* prepares stalking outfit and readies Broom for a 150 mile night flight *


The number, not the film.

Just because.

t. James, Marc. The most adorable, sycophantic, curly-haired, evil minion an ambitious fashion bitch could ever want for. And Wilhelmina Slater from MODE magazine is that bitch.
Michael Urie, AKA Marc St. James in Ugly Betty, has some of the best lines and quotes from the show:
Marc - Whoa. Fill my bucket with nothing but thighs!
Wilhelmina - Relax, Colonel. We all know you prefer nuggets.
Marc - Little glitch. A teeny, tiny, Cindy Crawford mole-sized problem. It seems St. Patrick's is already booked for June sixteenth.
Wilhelmina - What?!
Marc - Oh, what do you get with St. Patrick's? Bad incense and a lot of guilty men in dresses.


Now, this could be actual light from the sun, which I'm really missing at the moment. It's been so cold, dark and dismal here in Britland lately. I know it's winter and that I always moan that it's too hot when the sun's out in summer, but I wish spring would hurry up - I'm sure I'm becoming deficient in vitamin D.

Or, it could be the films Sunshine, or Little Miss Sunshine, both of which I feel like watching right now.

auvignon Blanc.
Aahhhhhh... My wine of choice. I particularly enjoy a 2007 vintage from the Marlborough region in New Zealand. Very drinkable!
And, to accompany this delightful wine, I prefer the next S in this meme...

our cream & chive Kettle Chips. Yum!

The only problem with these crisps is that they seem to be inhaled eaten rather quickly.


What better way to spend an evening, than to argue about words/spellings/points, endure papercuts from vicious dictionaries, wonder who'll get the Q, fall out with one's significant other and then swipe the board and its contents across the room.

Of course, looking for those elusive tiles down the back of the sofa and in the light fittings can make the morning after equally entertaining.

o, finally, S is for SP. He who helps me drink the wine, eat the crisps and get huffy over Scrabble!

Thank you for a most enjoyable meme, Snooze. If anyone would like to play, just request a letter in the comments and I'll provide you with one.


  1. I'm torn between saying thank you for naming me hottest blogger evah, and being horrified that you know the exact distance I am from you.

  2. That distance isn't so distant now. See you soon...

  3. Spectacular set!

    They need to come up with a DS9 movie! The chips and wine and scrabble do sound fun.

    I've had Snooze's problem (well, I consider it a good thing actually); except it wasn't limited to jeans. It also happens with trousers, khakis, shorts, and underpants.

  4. P.S. I forgot to ask for a letter. So assign away!

  5. I hope you boys blog your real lifetime movie meeting. I'm picturing it being set to a soundtrack by Prince.

    We'll start with When Doves Cry.

    Give me a letter, oh my awesome one!

  6. Then you write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter

    So I see SP is on this list of things you LOVE.

    *wonders how IVD will look coming down the aisle in white*

  7. I don't particularly like White wine much but I do however like Scrabble, Little Miss Sunshine and sex pests.

    Snaps to you! Gimme gimme gimme a (a man after midnight) letter

  8. That sounds like a threat!

  9. Wow - you even did a cool graphical S. I'm impressed. I feel honoured to be on the same meme as SP and Tim. Now, perhaps you could recruit SP into helping you stalk Tim? He could be like Kettle Chips and sauvignon blanc for you and SP. Another item to enjoy together. [have you tried the salt and pepper Kettle Chips? Those are my all-time fave]

    WV: chips!

  10. Eros: So, you're in a constant state of arousal?

    Your letter then, shall be A.

    T-Bird: I'm just looking forward to the scene in which Tim wears a Raspberry Beret and not much more!

    Your letter, oh faithful Hag, shall be R.

    MJ: Aha, you've caught me!

    I certainly won't be wearing white. Orange, maybe?

    Kidding! I think it'll be red.

    CyberPetra: In exchange for those snaps, I shall give you G.

    Tim: A threat? No.

    This is a threat: You have to do this meme, and I assign you the letter W! Mwah hah hah hah ha!

    Snooze: Ooh, I never thought of recruiting SP into the Stalking Tim Club - Good thinking!

    Funnily enough, SP's favourite are the Salt & Pepper ones, too.

  11. BTW, what a shitty letter.

  12. Ahem... you forgot "Sarah".

    Gimme a letter and I'll forgive you, I'm nice like that.

  13. I should also like to point out to Tim that W is a MARVELLOUS letter.

  14. SP loves the Salt and Pepper ones? He's a good man. Keep him.

  15. Good golly! Or something..

  16. Eros: Now, go and swab the poop deck.

    WillowC: How remiss of me. How about a sublime C to placate you?

    Snooze: I rather think I will.

    'Petra: Gosh?

  17. sour cream & chive chips

    Must...resist...giant packet of same in cupboard.

    Giss a letter then.

  18. Did you mange to resist, Spike, or are you laying on the sofa, surrounded by crisp crumbs with the empty bag on the floor?

    As for your letter, you may have D.

  19. I promise I'll memememmememe this R letter thing soon...

  20. surrounded by crisp crumbs with the empty bag on the floor?

    Guilty as charged.

    Thankee kind sorr.


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