Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Wonders

Another tag, another meme. This one is from the ever resourceful Tara of Eclectic Spaghetti. One has to answer one word questions, but not necessarily with one word answers. Shall we begin?

1 Clothes? Horse
2 Furniture? Polish
3 Sweet? Shop
4 City? Centre
5 Drink? Up
6 Music? Box
7 TV? Times
8 Film? Premiere
9 Workout? Side
10 Pastries? Cinnamon
11 Coffee? Almond flavour coffee cream creamer. This was genuinely the first thing that popped into my head. Just shows how much I love Pushing Daisies! For any of you that don't get it: You should watch the show, shouldn't you?!

Oh yeah, I wasn't supposed to answer with one word answers - Well, I didn't with 11, so at least I don't have to do that one again. Oh well, second time lucky. And I want a go, too:

1 Clothes? Jeans and sparkly orange T-shirt! Well, I prefer my deep plum flight suit with the dark emerald lining and matching cloak. Oh, and Hat, of course.
2 Furniture? Bed. But we still need to get a desk for Demon Box.
3 Sweet? Cadbury's Wispa. Mint Imperial. That's a bit insensitive - You know I was nearly killed by one of those, don't you?
Of course * cackles *
4 City? Norwich. Pandemonium.
5 Drink? White grape & peach jui- Uh, I mean, wine.
6 Music? Goldfrapp. I'd have to agree.
7 TV? At the moment, Desperate Housewives. But it'll be Pushing Daisies when it comes back on.
8 Film? The Incredibles. Gattaca.
9 Workout? Not unless I can possibly help it. Me neither. But I wouldn't mind watching Tim doing one...
10 Pastries? A cinnamon swirl on the odd occasion, but I'm not a big fan as they're so fatty.

Okay, now I have to tag some people, but I'm not going to because I think quite a few people have already done this one, and those that have been tagged by someone else, but have yet to do it, obviously don't want to, so I'm not going to bother.

EDIT 30/10/08: I've put in a link to information about the yummy Wispa, up there.


  1. Music box...

    Is that what you're calling your frontbottom these days?

  2. If I had a frontbottom, which I do not, its music would be sweeter than the cacophony that emanates from your fontbottom.

  3. I'm hoping he doesn't mean the Mariah Carey album MJ. But I have to wonder.

    You definately need a desk for Demon Box. I found my fabulous desk at Ilva. You can find Ilva on ilva.co.uk

  4. Also: can't you people put your front bottoms onto stealth mode - like Hunt for the Red October?

    My WV is 'enable'. Blogger, it's like you see my soul.

  5. Hey, thanks for doing the meme! Wasn't that oodles of fun?

    What is a Cadbury Wispa? I've heard of Cadbury Eggs, we see those during Easter.

  6. You had me at deep plum flight suit with the dark emerald lining and matching cloak.

    I want one of those!

  7. Fontbottom? Is that where you keep your typefaces?

  8. The two of you had wonderful answers. I too am wondering what a Wispa is. It sounds yummy. And like I should avoid it.

  9. Almond flavored creamer is the best creamer ever! I could drink it just by itself! I actually have done that!

    Wait, is a cinnamon swirl like a cinnamon bun? I like cinnamon buns. Who doesn't enjoy some warm, delicious buns with that creamy white frosting all over it? Mmmmmm....

  10. *waits for MJ to make comment about warm buns with creamy white frosting…*

  11. Tim: Funny you should mention that as I went into a dreamlike trance when I read Eroswings' comment.

  12. Ooooh has IVD got a Mangina.
    I like cinamon bagels ,they smell fabulous when you toast them ....still taste like chewing a bath sponge , but you cant have everything