Friday, 24 October 2008

Going down...

I mean 'coming down'...

* ahem *

Yes. I seem to be coming down with a serious affliction. I believe it's called 'a Life'. I'm not too concerned about it, though. My crystal ball indicated that I'd be over it by Sunday evening, so there's something to look forward to.

Anyway, I'm posting this just in case any of you wonder where I am over the weekend. I haven't fallen down the back of the sofa, or flung myself forward in time into a new host, or managed to turn Tim to the dark side and spend the weekend ensconced with him in a cosy hideaway, more's the pity. But you're still on for next weekend, hmm? Tim?

Actually, I expect you won't care where I am, as I'm sure you're all off having lives of your own this weekend, anyway.




Bwah hah hah hah hah hah ha!

* wipes eyes *

No. Really. What are you all doing this weekend? Answers in the comments, please.


  1. I'll be spending Saturday with one of my favourite "real world" homosexualists.

    Expect gay banter and cocktails.

    Followed by more cocktails.

    Everything is better with a homo by your side.

    On Sunday I'll have to slave over Monday's "Blogging Roundup."

    What exactly does this "life" of yours entail, one wonders?

  2. Cutting my penis off ready for next weekend by all accounts…

    You!? A LIFE!?!

  3. Having a life is tiring.

    I have to work this weekend. Maybe I have that confused with having a life.

    My wv: subscans

    Sounds very technical and star treky.

  4. Erm, I am getting over a bout of tummy tumbles. So I am at home, watching telly.

    My 'rents are taking me out for dinner if I feel better and my bro and sis in law are having me over for some food and The Office.

    Pretty boring, I hope your weekend is more exciting.

  5. I'm working 2pm to 10pm both days. Tonight, after work, I will be joining a friend for her birthday celebrations.

    OMG, you haven't 'pulled' have you?

  6. Well I just got my "life" shot at the doctor's office, so I won't be catching that life thing anytime soon. Just make sure to get plenty of rest and have some tea and soup. ;) More importantly, have a wonderful weekend!

    I worked till 2pm today and then bought some Halloween goodies. For the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday I intend to relax and have fun decorating.

  7. Hanging out with my friend, shopping and playing with my Wii

  8. *scoff* Tim, you'd cut your penis off to spite your face!

    No, wait... that wasn't quite right, was it?

    Well, are you going to tell us all about this undead life of yours, oh wicked one? I'm waiting impatiently.

  9. I lugged 16kg of glue, not for sniffing, from the shop to home which is too far really. I have bruises all down my legs and my shoulders hurt. I am sulking and moaning a lot.

  10. The usual...things to see, people to do ;)

    Things that help deal with today's word verification: gottense


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