Sunday, 19 October 2008

Items of Interest: The Towering Disco Inferno

This is the first in a series of posts as suggested by MJ here. Only I won't be so prolific as to post one household object per day. After all, you all know how lazy I am.

As you can see, on the left is the pictorial logo of this new series of Items of Interest. If I remember, I'll use this same logo for all subsequent posts in the series.

You will also see that, I have (and will continue to do so with future posts) photographed the Item from an unusual angle, and omitted to name it, thereby inviting you, the cherished reader/stalker*, to guess what it is. This first Item is an easy one seeing as it's the first of the series.

* I must have one, mustn't I? Anyone?


  1. I'd stalk you.

    With that out of the way, I'd really like to see what glorious music that quite fabulous item holds.

    And were you up at 7am today?

  2. You've been down at the docks, silver-plating the pier?

  3. It's a small roller-coaster. How exciting!

  4. Good angle. This is fun. Post more! Now!

  5. CyberPetra: Aww... That's so sweet! But think of your carbon footprint.

    And, no, I wasn't up at 7am this morning. I was woken up at 6:20 by one of the work coven ringing to say that work was a go for today. Boo.

    T-Bird: The Rack is Back! Yay!

    As for my nice rack - this is for 'Petra, too - It's one of two that hold my CD singles. Mostly consisting of electronica and dance, with swathes of Erasure, Goldfrapp, A1, Alcazar, Jai, Ultra and Steps!

    MJ: If only the docks looked this good.

    Tim: It's certainly a rollercoaster of taste!

    Snooze: * salutes*


    Ummm... I'd better have a scour around, first...

  6. Yikes! That's what I'd call a rude awakening. Booo!

    How tall are your racks, how many cds do they hold and where did you get them?

  7. It's a rack full of Abba, Steps and Mario Lanza, isn't it?

    What do we win?

  8. 'Petra: One's 115cm high and holds 61 CDs, the other's 105cm and holds 56. I can't remember wher I got them from - I think my sister gave me the smaller one?

    Puppy & Hippo: There are rather a lot of Steps singles (from "Deeper Shade of Blue" onwards, yes. And one from Agnetha Faltskog "If I thought you'd ever change your mind", but who the hells is Mario Lanza?

    You win the Agnetha single.

  9. I like them a lot and I spent today looking at stuff like that in magazines and catalogues.

    Must find out if they sell those here.

  10. Oh and Mario Lanza sounds like one of those boys who can't sing but look really hot on the cover.

  11. A tiny house roller coaster would be awesome.

    That is a lot of singles.

  12. Mario Lanza is this old school crooner sort of like a fatter Dean Martin. The over 50's in my family are crazy for him.

    As usual, excellent taste in electronica, good sir!

  13. Dinah, I'm thinking the tiny house roller coaster through a bit more … I'm thinking that the little dudes from Fraggle Rock need to be involved! What were they called? Doozers! That's it!

  14. Cool pics! At first glance, they look like modern lamps. Most of my CDs are in shoe boxes--been there for years since I packed 'em from the last move. Most of of the ones I listen to are in the boxes on top of the pile :)

  15. Its your xylophone isn't it !I bet you use it to entertain the sailors . Who doesnt love a meddley of hits , wallopped out on a xylophone ????

  16. Beastie, I can honestly say I'm not one of them.

  17. Have you seen what he uses as a xylophone mallet?

  18. Is it freakishly bendy Miss MJ ??

  19. At least it can carry a tune.

  20. 'Petra: Mine are about 8-10 years old. Denmark had better be behind the times.

    Mario does, doesn't he. Shame he's probably hideous now, though. Or dead.

    Dinah: I want one more than ever now! I could have one instead of stairs.

    T-Bird: Excellent taste? Even the Steps?

    Tim: If the Doozers made it, it must be edible!

    * takes a big bite *


    Eros: Do you listen to those CDs because they're at the top, or because they're your favourites?

    BEAST: Just call me Patrick Moore!

    'Petra: How can you not?

    MJ: Shhhh! They'll all want to have a go on it.

    See? You've got BEAST and 'Petra all excited now.

  21. IDV, I listen to those CDs because they're my favorites (and because they're at the top of the boxes:)

    Although, I have searched through those boxes when I felt like listening to a song I've not heard in a while.

  22. I don't know what is worse, the hideous or the dead part.

    I think maybe the hideous part.

  23. Indiana Jones and the mystery of the Crystal Suspension Bridge!

  24. Don't you mean jockstrap?

  25. A doozer plated jockstrap?

    I thought this was a nice blog that I could take home to my mother.

  26. I have changed my mind , being a dedicated follower of fashion as you are ....its your Ugly Betty stylee orthodontic brace.
    That also doubles as a xylophone

  27. but he still plays it with the warty wand?


  28. I'm feeling Rolph Harris here. Is it 'Stairway to Heaven'?

    The above two sentences are unrelated.

  29. Eros: You're so good. I'd be too lazy to search through boxes for a song.

    'Petra: I think you may be right.

    Tara: Ooh, now if young Harrison Ford were to run across that bridge, I'd be a very happy witch!

    Frobi: It'd have to be a very big one for a very fat wrist.

    Tim: Let's see you in yours and then we can compare pictures.

    'Petra: I think you may be right. Again.

    T-Bird: I'll not have any Doozer 'doings' on my 'strap, so it may be safe for your mum now.

    BEAST: Eww! I've just had the most horrible image of Patrick Moore clanking away on Betty's brace!

    'Petra: You're wrong this time.

    Tickers: Rolf's very quiet. Have you gagged him so he can't protest?


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