Sunday, October 05, 2008

Castle DeVice

I think it was CyberPetra who once asked about my delightful abode, so, in the absence of anything more meaningful to post about, I give you Castle DeVice. I must just say, however, that not all of it is on show. Some rooms I keep folded up in other dimensions, bringing them out when needed (saves on the dusting and cleaning). The grand ballroom and parlour are two of the said rooms. As for the dungeon, I folded it away somewhere safe and now can't find it! I hope there wasn't anyone in it?

Anyway, on with the tour and do wipe your feet before you come in:

First up is the living room (the front door is to the right - this pic was taken from the bay window).

This is the view back into the living room from the foot of the stairs and entrance to the dining room.

The view from my makeshift desk under the stairs into the dining room.

My tiny galley kitchen where various cakes are baked, both consciously and unconsciously.

I don't think I need say anymore, except that there is a toilet - I just think it's a bit impolite to take a photo of it. Call me a prude if you must.

Going up the stairs, this is the view down into the dining room.

The spare room where Tazzy & Piggy stayed. Of course, there was linen on the bed then - They didn't just sleep under an uncovered duvet. This room desperately needs decorating - I meant to do it after NonExistant Boy moved out but haven't got around to it yet.

My room. A bit nondescript, but then, no one ever sees inside it except me (and now you), so why bother?

Most of this was collected years ago except the books on the first third (from the left) of the top shelf. The middle shelf has all but six of my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine videos (all seven seasons worth) - The other six are on the bottom shelf.

I don't spend nearly enough time in here writing and drawing, and when I do, I tend to get distracted watching the birds in the tree and on the feeder in the back garden.

And there you have it.


  1. I'm so jealous. You have a lovely home.

    Your kitchen and bathroom are fabulous. I am so jealous of your bathroom.

    Can I move in please? (forgets the house is in the middle of nowhere)

  2. I'm totally jealous of how lovely this all is! Well done.

  3. Getting back to studying the photos. My eyes immediately went to your livingroom.

    Here are my thoughts:

    You have an Xbox?

    The thing you put your remotes on looks like the pattern for my parents old guest bed. Unfortunately that's not a compliment.

    Your chairs look so comfortable.

  4. OK, first of all: Prude.

    Just because, y'know, you said to call you one.

    Secondly, my what massive shelves you have! Um, you do know that DS9 is available on DVD now, don't you? Picture and sound quality are vastly improved, and they take up virtually no room whatsoever.

    I do like the addition of a bike in the dining room. Every dining room should have a bike.

  5. Very chic and cozy! You've got a whole classic white meets modern sleek meets nature thing going! Great use of metal, wood, and stone throughout. You've also got a lot of windows bringing in warm, bright, natural light. Your place is very warm, comfortable, and looks fantastic!

    The kitchen and bathroom are very hip with the colors and hardware. I particularly like the sky blue on what appears to be a vaulted ceiling with crown molding in the bedroom. It makes the room feel open, light, airy, and relaxing.

    I also see the cool blue lava lamp for mood and some bondage ties at the foot of the bed; no mixed signals there!

  6. You know what Bingowings. I'd be a little scared because one of those ties appears to be a leather belt. I wonder what he uses that for.

  7. CyberPetra: So many people comment on my fabulous bathroom, so I guess it must be.

    Rude! Norwich isn't the middle of nowhere (forgets that it actually is).

    Dinah: It may be lovely from afar, but I cleaned up and didn't take any telling closeups!

    'Petra: Ah, yes. The X-Box. I think it was last used last winter. I'd better warm it up now that this winter is approaching.

    Be thankful there're covers over the (very) comfortable chairs and sofa - They are of the same hideous fabric (not mine, I hasten to add - they came with the house).

    Tim: Firstly: Yeah, I guess I did.

    Secondly: Yes, but they don't have make a picture along their spines like the clunky old videos do. Plus, I can't justify spending money to replace something that's still serviceable (just).

    Unfortunately, the bike looks set to become a permanent feature during the winter.

    Eros: Why thank you! I must just pull you up on one point: It may look warm, but it's actually bloody freezing - Damned non-insulatable walls and single glazing!

    Heh! The lava lamp is actually a vase (but looks cool when the sun hits it) and the bondage ties are bag straps.

    'Petra: Why, keeping my trousers up, of course.

  8. "Why, keeping my trousers up, of course."

    Well that's a first.

  9. Sure! *winks*

    In your bedroom there is a blue corset looking thing hanging off the chair with the plant.

    Is that a corset or some other bondage thing?

    I love the black dresser.

  10. Tim: Har. Har.

    'Petra: Oh, that. It's my swimming bag!

    The dresser isn't actually black - It's wooden, the same as the bed, but not as faded.

  11. Really?

    It doesn't look like wood.

    Maybe I should make a post like that too.

  12. Oh, do!

    There's nothing better than snooping around someone else's home!

  13. I covet the lovely writing desk with all those plants.

  14. there really isn't much to snoop though but it would be kind of fun I guess. Did you have fun?

  15. What a charming house Mr I , I would however want to know what lies behind the forbidding darkened doorway at the end of the kitchen ????

  16. Lovely lovely home. I love the fireplace and you will be needing it soon.
    *mutters about weather*
    And all the plants! Brilliant. Do they have names?

  17. For the first time ever, I can't think of a bad word to say.

    Except maybe that the green velour chair hasn't been binned yet and how do you possibly fit onto that bed without your pins sticking out the end?

    I want to sip martinis in your bathroom, perching on the edge of the tub, reading to you as you take a bubble bath.

  18. That is one very tidy house for a guy.

    I'm impressed. It's very English.

  19. Snooze: You should see it now - There're even more plants on it as I've just brought in some of the more tender ones from outside.

    'Petra: I wouldn't say fun, exactly. It was... interesting, trying to work out where to take the photos from and what should be in view.

    BEAST: Ah, to the left is the vexing Washing Machine of Doom, and to the right the Airing Cupboard of Lost Souls (and socks). Straight through is the bathroom.

    W*P*D: Why, thank you. The plants are mostly named "Getoutofmyway" and "Stopgrowingyoubastards".

    Eeek! Someone's replaced MJ with her Evil, uh, I mean, Good universe counterpart!
    But I'll answer your questions anyway: I sleep diagonally, although the bed is a little longer than standard, so I can just about fit.
    What would you read to me?

    Debbie: Ah, but not for a gay.
    As for it's Englishness, well, it is in England!

    Welcome to our green and pleasant land (just ignore the green and unpleasant velour chairs).

  20. Wait - you're gay?!

    (oh god, that never gets old!)

  21. Wait - you're gay?!

    (oh god, that never gets old!)

  22. So good, in fact, I decided to post it twice…

  23. Oooooh!

    The memories!

    We've been there! It seems like bloody ages ago now, despite it only being a few months.

    How funny it was was seeing it in pics. It brought the pleasant experience back to us.

    We note there was no poo in the toilet in the pics, so it took away a wee bit of the realism.

  24. Well, you've got great taste in picking out accessories. That is one cool vase that shimmers like a lava lamp in the sun!

    The houseplants add a nice green touch to your home. It's your own personal jungle, pumping out the oxygen! And your place is very organized compared to mine. I have to declutter every 3 months or so...

  25. Tims & 'Petra: Was it International Comment Like Dinah Day yesterday? Why didn't I get that memo?

    Puppy & Hippo: Yes, I had to have your U-Bend Buster hauled out with a crane as it just would not flush away!
    My eyes are still watering now.

    Eros: You don't know how long I spent tidting up before taking those pictures!

    W*P*D: I think he's just so excited to find out that he's not the only one.

    I guess I'll have to (rather half-heartedly) fend him off now...

  26. That shower door caught my eye in your awesomely red bathroom. Is that a glass door in the shower or is it a curtain? Either way, I love the design.

    Nice place ya got there!

  27. Pleasingly full of plant life.


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