Sunday, 26 October 2008

Li'l ol' me.

In case any of you are interested, I have been interviewed by the adorable Dinah here.

As for my weekend, one of you guessed at least part of what I've been up to. The rest has been spent entertaining a friend, D, who travelled up from London on Friday evening. I met him at the station and we wandered into the city where we met another friend, N, at an Italian restaurant and had a lovely meal. That was followed by drinks in a pub where we met another friend, H, before returning to mine where D was staying. On Saturday, N & D went out for the day and I spent the afternoon... Well, that was the part one of you guessed. Then in the evening I joined N & D at N's house for a meal, some televisualising and card games.

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning because I had to go to work. Well, I didn't have to, but chose to for the extra money. And now I'm back having a quick catch up before doing the chores.

I hope you all had good weekends with your homosexuals, penis, work, dinner, birthday celebrations, shots, wee - sorry: wii - and sticky sulking?


  1. Your friends' mothers aren't very imaginative if all they could come up with are initials to name their children!

  2. OMG!

    You DID pull, didn't you?!

  3. Well the wii part is fine but my friend is doing my head in and unfortunately he isn't leaving until Tuesday at 4pm.

    It's 9.49pm and I've gone to bed just to get away from him. He is still watching American Football in the living room.

  4. I so hope you scored while the others were shopping. I really, really do.

    Don't you get all smug on us, now!

  5. MJ's: They're quite lazy.

    And, I might have...

    CyberPetra: American football? * yawn * No wonder you went to bed.

    T-Bird: OK, so I totally scored!

    Can I be just a little bit smug?

  6. Pulled a muscle or something!!


    Probably carting that massive plant around…

  7. So did they both shag you then?

    You can tell us.

    Very strangely, our word veri thing is 'MANSLEX' !!!

  8. Well, well, someone certainly did go down!

    Sounds like a fun filled weekend! It's so nice to have someone in the afternoon help tend to your garden, do some heavy planting, and sowing seeds.

  9. Cut or uncut? How much Boy Butter did you have to use? Will there be a second date? Did you get his number? Did he pick you up whilst hitchhiking when you stuck out your freakishly bendy thumb? Did you hide your bedside table copy of Auto Fellatio when he came over? Did you remove the life-size cardboard cutout from your bedroom of Jake Gyllenhaal? Did Beaky poop on him? Did he offer to chauffeur Margaret around town? I hope you weren’t wearing the orange shirt! Does he know you have multiple personalities? Did you force him to watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine with you? Did he pull a face when he saw that ugly green velour chair of yours? Did you bake him a Victoria Sponge Cake? If so, did you fart on it? If not, can I? Does he know you work the docks? However did you conceal your frontbottom?

    And most importantly, does he know about all of us?

  10. We do not need any I'm dating/got a boyfriend smugness. But we do need all the details.

    Oh I know, this is too much for me. Today we are going shopping. He needs new Ts and suspect we'll be looking at a lot of browns.

    Hope you are all enjoying work.

  11. Oh be smug! Be totally smug!
    I hope you had fun.

    I can't move, can you skive off work for being unbelievably stoopid?

  12. Ooh, yay. I think you should answer all of MJ's questions. Were you wearing the orange shirt?

  13. Tim: Sadly, not yours.

    P&H: No they did not!

    Eros: My sentiments exactly.

    MJ: Haven't seen it yet. None. Yes. Yes. No. He didn't come over. Not yet. Not yet. No. Nearly! We're keeping that from him until he's properly ensnared. No. Not seen it yet. No. Heavens, no! Absolutely not! He hasn't asked. I DON'T HAVE A FRONT-BOTTOM!

    I don't want to scare him off!

    'Petra: Oh, but I like being smug.

    * pouts *

    Eww.. Brown is so drab.

    W*P*D: I did, thank you.

    Can't you move because the glue was so heavy that you ache, or because it leaked and you're stuck in your home?

    Dinah: I very nearly did wear the orange shirt, but decided to go for something a bit more subdued in the end.

  14. Ha ha ha! You've got a front bottom!

    *adopts Stewie voice*

    I bet it's as wide as the freakin' channel tunnel…

    *returns to own voice*

    Hands off mah muscle.

  15. I want to write a scathing retort, but your Stewie voice keeps making me laugh.


  16. You're dating. No retort neccessary.

    *sigh* I suppose you can be a little tiny bit smug.

  17. Oh come on, it's a filthy sock puppet and his left hand!


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