Thursday, 30 August 2007

Some don't like it quite so hot...

Shitting Apocalypse Oven! I thought I'd be having fish and chips for tea. Instead it appears to be charcoal and a rather flat barbecue briquette.

I'd better get the Geiger counter out for this one...



  1. Did you singe your eyebrows off again?

  2. Anonymous30/8/07 20:57

    He cooks nekkid. He singed his ginger pubes.

    Luckily, his cock was hiding behind them and was protected.

    *wonders why he didn't go to the fish 'n' chip shop as the quality would have been much better and involved no effort*

  3. MJ: Almost. My eyelids have fused themselves to my eyeballs which have dried slightly so they look a bit like giant sultanas...

    Piggy: Ginger? Moi? I think not. You must've caught sight of your reflection in the mirror.
    Anyway(!), I thought you said I had "a gaping cunt", not a cock - I've just listened to your podcast. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  4. If those Yorkshire poofs come back round here today, ask them in which century they plan to do a new posting.

  5. He's having a Bar B Q.

    He will be drinking

    He will don the shorts.

  6. Can't cook either, huh? Duuur…

  7. Don't you just hate it when you accidently turn the dial from 200C to nuclear


  8. Is your oven powered by plutonium?? Like the car from Back to the Future?

    We don't need natural gas where we're going..

  9. You should learn to cook!

  10. Oh, Philip. You should learn to read the other comments - Tim said pretty much the same thing.

    I was going to have a look at your site, but there're so many that I couldn't be bothered...


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