Sunday, 12 August 2007


My brain hurts. And I don't think it's because of alcohol poisoning.

I think the Subconsci are fighting. Again...

* sigh *

I'll post something of some description at sometime soon.



  1. Gosh! David Santos is getting around!

    And your brain probably hurts from all the sordid thoughts running through it.

  2. Anonymous13/8/07 01:45

    Brain? What brain?

    I thought you were a civil servant?

  3. You're bound to get a headache if you insist on wearing the elf shorts on your head and sniffing them.

  4. Snooze: Any scent I left in The Shorts should clear his head.

  5. Don't put yourself out!

  6. Maybe you should get that checked out...

  7. We all know what cures headaches the best don't we

    so you should definatly not have headaches

  8. Anonymous13/8/07 18:19

    Any scent MJ left in the shorts would have melted his nose right off his face.

    Which may have been a good thing.

    Oh and Tazzy says to tell Witchety-Boy 'Thank You' for the Birthday card.

    You know, the thing none of the other fuckers bothered with.

    So a curtsey from Tazzy to IVF is honourably offered.

  9. I hope he put some cash in that birthday card to Tazzy.

    I'm sure he could have fished a note out from his G-string after a night lap dancing.

  10. Mr Santos: Any relation to Santos R Halper, by any chance?

    Tim: Well, if people would keep encouraging me...

    Piggy: Oh, we have brains. We just choose not to take them to work with us.

    Snooze: Oh no! My septum's collapsed!

    MJ: True. My head's cleared off - I haven't seen it in days.

    Frobi: I won't. I think I'll do some more lounging around in the garden, instead.

    Jingo: Perhaps I will. If I can find my head again, that is...

    Cyberpete: Gin, right? It's gin, isn't it? Isn't it?!

    Tazzy: You're welcome. And that's a very graceful curtsey you've got there. Surprisingly demure!

    MJ: I found a handful of small change down there, so I sellotaped that in the card.

  11. Have you tried a possession therapist?

  12. I was thinking of something else


  13. Tickers: No. Why? Do you think that's who gave me my headache?

    Cyberpete: I bet you were you sordid little creature. Too much time spent hanging around MJ's, methinks?

  14. Anonymous15/8/07 18:56

    Serves you right you boozey bugger!!


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