Friday, 24 August 2007

Off again

Well, after years of constant use, my box has given up the ghost. A Virgin man is coming to give it a good probing on Tuesday evening. I do hope he's thorough and doesn't leave a mess...

The upshot is that I'll be pretty much incommunicado until late next week - unless I manage to find anytime during work, of course (chance'd be a fine thing). I mean, after a rigourous going over by the probulator on Tuesday I'm sure I'll not be in the mood to post anything. Wednesday evening is out of the question too as it's The Mother's birthday, so that only leaves Thursday -

And you can bet that he'll be too lazy to post then.
Quiet, you!


  1. SID was right.

    This is the most advanced case of PSS we've ever seen.

  2. Wow doing your good deed of the week, letting a virgin man ravage your box

    that's so humanitarian of you

  3. Tis MJ..

    Counselling required for this one...

    Your feeling ashamed IVD.

    It's ok to feel ashamed.

    You are also experiencing so many other feelings at this time,so to try and raise these deeper feelings to your consciousness,lets try a random word association task.

    Just visualise the word that comes next into your head and let it be free....I shall start.....


  4. Anonymous25/8/07 14:45

    Shouldn't that Virgin link have been this one:

    Virgin broadband link

    Skinny Thick cunt.

  5. Can you get me the details on the probulator when you have tried it out? Think it's something a hag would enjoy?

  6. Any excuse to have someone fiddle with your dusty old equipment.

  7. Is he going to connect an optical fibre cable to your digital set top box?

    That's not innuendo, I'm genuinely interested.

  8. No time to answer you all individually as I've only got 10 minutes of lunch left, and I need to get coffee before I resume work!

    In fact, I haven't got time for a group answer, either.



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