Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Thank you for holding. An operator will be with you shortly...


1. Car is now in fully working order (Piggy: Ha!). The battery was in need of a charge, that's all.

2. Manhoovering (how fabulously indelicate, T-Bird!) is over with for now. More on this another time.

3. I think I have a slight crush on a friend's boyfriend. To make matters worse, said boyfriend looks just like my sister, Inexcusable's, fiance.

Does this mean I covet my sister's man?

I detest covetting - I mean, one can never get enough fabric to do the whole thing...

4. My anti-social streak has ended. At least, for now. I am now able to go out with impunity! One good thing about it was that the house is tidy - when housebound, I clean. Desperately!

5. Ooh, forget number 3. A cute guy is cleaning his car out in the street. I'm just popping out to do some pretend gardening...

P.S. I'm catching up reading your Blogs from work. Unfortunately, the demon they call GSI PROXY forbids me to leave comments - I am still here, and I am still reading you loud and clear. Normal service shall resume shortly.


  1. I'd like some music while I'm on hold, please.

  2. Anonymous11/4/07 09:02

    As long as it isn't that 70's porn music that everyone seems to be using at the moment.

  3. Yay for car!

    I love the term manhoovering. I'll have to start using that one.

  4. Anonymous11/4/07 16:57

    Yay! for Car, my arse.

    It's on it's last legs and just having one of those 'don't crush me yet' moments.

  5. Anonymous13/4/07 08:04

    *tapping trotter impatiently*

  6. *Amanda Tapping impatiently*

  7. what are we waiting for?

  8. I get so excited when you come back. I swear you do it on purpose....hold out on us, and then when we can't take it anymore just give us exactly what we want.

    I'm too tired to make that as sexual as it's crying out to be.

  9. Anonymous15/4/07 08:21

    That fucking operator ought to be fired.

    I've been on hold for fucking months and not even a hint of getting a reply.


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