Tuesday, 17 April 2007

It... It lives!?

Well, after spending all that time with the undead, I'm looking forward to being around the living for a while. I know I'm one to talk being unalive, but still, it's better than being a badly animated corpse.

Right. Better do something while I'm here...

* scratches bum* and drinks juice from the carton *


* squints out at the unseen audience and shuffles a bit *


* That's fanny, posterior or ass to you lot from across the pond, not a filthy scabby tramp**
** A bum, not a slutty ho***


  1. I like the word bum. It sounds a little more impish than "ass" or such.


  2. Do Canadialanders say fanny for ass/bum like the Yanks do?

    I die every time Marge says fanny: "... and there's a starfish on the fanny!" I mean: No, No, No!

  3. You don't hear "fanny" much here in the Great White North. It's mostly "bum" or "ass" and we're picking up speed with the more American "butt" now. The more delicate amongst us use "bottom" but that conjures up other images for me...and you no doubt. And because we're a bilingual nation you'll sometimes hear "derriere."

    In other news, is it true that you and Frobi had bum sex? Piggy says so.

  4. You should know you can't believe a word that Piggy says, MJ. While Frobi can be quite the charmer sometimes - and is especially attractive in that wig - We've never met, never mind 'mingled'.

  5. I was going to make an insightful comment, but was sent off on a mental tangent at the phrase "slutty ho."

    Mmmm… slutty ho…

  6. Doesn't fanny mean vagina? I'm just saying... but maybe that's an Australianism. We are a bit backward, after all.

    I demand a photo of you regularly! I need my fix of hot and un-obtainable!

  7. Tim: "Thundersluts Ho!"

    T-Bird: Fanny does indeed mean vagina here, and I'm glad to hear it's the same in Oz.
    I don't know about regular photos - I'm not very photogenic. I had to concentrate really hard to remain visible in that pic. Usually, I'm just a translucent mess...

    I'll see what I can do though.

  8. What? It definitely does not mean that here. Between that and the last mimzy lesson, you guys clearly have a larger, more interesting vocabulary than we do.

  9. Fanny, though not in common usage anymore here in Canada, does indeed mean "arse" here, not "cunt."

    Imagine my confusion on first hearing the Brit phrase "fanny batter."

  10. Frobi claims you are "rough trade" and that you were "a little loose but very enthusiastic."

    Slutty ho.

  11. Rough Trade?! A little loose?! He must have a tiddler, then.

    If we did indeed do 'it'.

    Which we didn't.

  12. Piggy says he's heard the experience with you described as 'not unlike shagging a bag of raw liver'.

  13. Did he now. That stunted little porker!

    Hang on a minute... You're not just making all this up are you, MJ you stirrer?

  14. * arrives back from Frobi's *

    Oh. You're not.


    * rushes off to Piggy's for revenge *

  15. *laffing my arse off*

    You are SUCH a tramp. And by tramp I mean a slutty ho.

  16. ... although you might be scabby as well. I'll ask around.

  17. Scabby? No. Scaly? Yes, as all good 30+ Singletons should be.

    Are you hanging around so much in the hope of getting a wayward 'shot' on that wrinkled neck of yours? You've obviously heard about the restorative powers of semen.
    Unfortunately, Frobi's tale is untrue. There's no sex here - after all, we're British!

  18. Cup of hot tea IDV?

    *trips and scalds MJ's neck*

  19. *stirs IVF's tea with SID's wee stir stick*

  20. *feels stupid and used & ashmed*

  21. Anonymous19/4/07 10:29

    Fear not M F! At least they have stopped discussing buttocks - I prefer "cheeks" by the way.

  22. I'm preferring buttock. It rhymes in a pleasing and slightly filthy fashion with futtock.


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