Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rod, Sk(H)ull and Emo

In a move that none of us had suspected, the Forces of Emo have struck like an inanimate carbon rod to the back of one's skull! This information has been brought to my attention by two of my deep cover agents from the MoD*

Whoever controls the oil, controls the planet. Just look at all that unpleasantness with America and the Middle East.
We must vanquish this dispicable Emo foe before they get too big for their DMs/Converse All Stars (or whatever the Hell they wear).

* releases flying monkeys to track down and destroy the Emo *

Fly, my evil darlings! Fly!

Unless, of course, they're not planning world domination, just researching a new oil-based lubricant to allow them to slip into even tighter drainpipe jeans?

* rushes to window and yells after rapidly disappearing 'monkeys *

Come back, my evil darlings! Come ba... Oh, forget it. Go and enjoy yourselves.

* Monkeys of Doom, not Ministry of Defense. Athough the concept is the same.


  1. Oh good grief, that's going to be the most melancholy oil ever. It'll just sit there, sighing and listening to overly-wordy pop-rock.

    Stop it now!

  2. Don't forget the samurais.

    Fucking samurais...

  3. I've no idea what this is about. Is Michael Parkinson involved?

  4. Ooh! Pants lube! (or trouser lube!) What will the emos think of next?

  5. Freaking Emos. As if they need tighter pants!!!!

    Although this may bring down the thread of these comments recently in Oz we had two young emo girls commit suicide in a pact. It's a crying shame and it goes to show tight pants will make a person do crazy things.

    Damn emo.

  6. Having my finger firmly on the pulse aren't EMO those dour, gothic-types who dye their hair black, wear black, miserable types?

    ie. Craig from Corrie