Wednesday, 25 April 2007

200 eyebrows

Just some of the 'brows doing the rounds in Blogland. Except those at the bottom - they belong to a non-Blogger: Sylar from Heroes. If they aren't the most delightful pair you've ever seen, then burn me at the stake!


P.S. I know there aren't 200 eyebrows here. The 200 is in the title because this is my 200th post. I didn't realise until the last minute that I'd reached this milestone, so I didn't have time to do something more meaningful. And I'm missing Ugly Betty as I do this!
At least it wasn't another Broom or Car post, eh Piggy?


  1. I preferred Sylar as Tori Spelling's bestie in her surprisingly funny show. Now he's sort of creepy...

    Phwooaaarr! Who's the hottie with the eyebrows underneath Piggy/Tazzy?

    Um. That didn't come out right...

  2. Are you sure that isn't the fella from Stereophonics in that last pic??

  3. Anonymous25/4/07 22:36

    Are you aroused by eyebrows Mr D?? Very weird-makes me wish I some..

  4. T-Bird: Sylar looked hot when he was all dishevelled in Horn Rimmed Glasses Mans cell. Mmmmmm...

    As for the hottie - whoever she is, she's a fox!

    Skillz: Oh yeah... There is an eyebrow likeness.

    Mutley: Perhaps we can make you a pair with the excess waxed off Frobi?

    MJ: A waxing and de-wigging!

  5. Phwooaaarr! Who's the hottie with the eyebrows underneath the picture that's underneath Piggy/Tazzy?


  6. Tim, wouldn't that make you (technically) underneath me in the stacks on pile of brows?

    Not that I am complaining, mind. I like being on top.

  7. Neat compilation. I never would have thought of eyebrows as such a hot ticket item, but - yum.

  8. I am indeed underneath you T-Bird.


  9. Timothy, I believe that the pleasure should be entirely mutual.

    That's gone beyond smutty and into creepy... sorry!

  10. what a handsome bunch! the bigger the eyebrows the better!

  11. What on Earth is going on in here?!

    Poor Snooze appears to be in the middle of a T-Bird & Tim sandwich. I know of only one way to cool this situation down:

    "Peeewwwww! Has somebody dropped one?"

  12. Piggy looks scarey.

    No change there then.

  13. Disheveled Sylar was HOT. So hot it almost needed an extra t.

  14. Snooze!

    Might have a pre-prandial nap.

  15. I think it might be for the best, Spike darling.

    I can't stop thinking of Snozzcumbers from Roald Dahl's BFG now...


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