Sunday, 1 October 2006


I think I've caught something... Bah!


  1. WHOA! The TARDIS is spinning out of control Doctor!!

    Oh, and: FIIIIIIIIIIRST... oh yeeeeah...

  2. I want to say something about a bogey-in-a-tin-can but can't think of a good sentence to insert it in.

    Oh. I just have.

  3. I wanted to say something clever, but anything I have to say pales in comparison to what Tim said. Fantastic!

    Still the plague looks terribly complicated, is it doing the rounds or is it just you? I could stand to lose a few (many) pounds so cough a couple of strands my way please (now that I didn't get any cake, dammit Fukkit!)

  4. *sniffles*

    I'd meant to whinge my way back into communication (yeassss! I'm back! Temporarily.) but my paltry lurgy just doesn't compair to your particular brand of poorlysickness.
    Now, just one thing- is it a wonderfully social thing like a cold (but not, of course), or is it particular to witch kind?

  5. I hope it's not the space flu from your travels?

  6. Cyberpete: * cough cough *

    Imogen: Oh, it's definitely wonderfully sociable. If I was back in my own body, I'd show it a thing a two. The germs just wouldn't stand a chance!

    Miss T: It would explain why I haven't been able to shake it. Space Flu™ is even more vermicious than Man Flu™.

  7. Man Flu?

    That sounds so butch


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