Tuesday 31 October 2006

Exacting Vengeance

I smiled grimly as the tinder was lit.

- - -

The witch exploded. Internal organs festooning the branches of the tree. They glistened slickly in the light of the yellow moon. The only sounds were of the drops of blood hitting the dry ground beneath the tree.

When the sun rose in the morning, the tree was devoid of innards. Instead, it bristled with crows. Each one sleek and glossy and well fed. That evening, as the people returned to their homes from their toil and errands and affairs, they were watched. A pair of bright black eyes were fixated on each and every one of them. The pair watching the Baron clouded over momentarily and blinked...

There was silence.

- - -

Do you know where your ancestors were 600 years ago? I do.

Do you know what they were doing? To me?

They will rue the day I curse, as I insinuate myself within the circuitry of the machine.

Ahhhhh... I sigh, as my signal spreads throughout the web.

Now I touch all.

- - -

That reflection in your screen.

That shadow on your wall.

The shiver down your spine and the breath upon your neck.

Oh, don't turn around. I don't need to see your face.

That creak, that groan. It's not the floorboards warping in the heat.

Those noises aren't from the house settling.

That sound like voices whispering as the washing machine turns.

That tick-tock, clink-clank from the water pipes.

It's not them. It's me. I'm seeping through your house.

Can you see that figure, lurking in the shadows from the window?

Can you see that face, staring out from the folds of cloth?

I can see you. I can see all of you.

When you're in bed, get under the covers and don't put your head out.

Don't bother with the light, you'll just be able to see me more clearly.

If you don't look, you'll never know what hit you.

It's for the best.

Do you feel that lightest of touches on the back of your neck?

I'm right behind you.

And I don't know if I'll ever go away...



  1. That was magnificent. Seriously, fantastic! I love it when you write like this - it's ten times more entertaining than published works. This is what I wished that book about Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell was like.

    If you haven't already written or started a book, you owe it to the witches to have a red hot go.

    Damn! So good!

  2. CREEEPPPYYYY!!!!! I was whipping around wildly trying to catch a glimpse...but thought the better or seeing it face to face.

  3. Were you the one who threw my books around while I was gone, when I was in second year?

  4. Hello Darling!

    your signal certainly does spread ;)

  5. Miss T: I've got a few book ideas but not enough gumption to do anything about them. At least, not yet. This blog is my practise run...

    Don't worry Dora, my eye still watches you.

    Sorry Dinah, I think it was Grandma Rosecrypt - she's a bit of a ham fisted cow!

    Ooh Frobi, you flirt! It only spreads if you let it reach room temperature first. You can forget it if it comes straight from the fridge!

  6. Literature's ruining my life- I started reading this and the words "the forest drooped glimmeringly" popped into my head- authorless, the bastards- so I had to read the post twice before I could focus on it, because I was trying to remember where theose words were from.

    I still haven't got it, but I'll let you know when I do, because I'm sure you're just as riveted as I am.

    But even so, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. And I've just started shivering, but that might just be because the central heating's packed up.

    And, and and and, your flirting with someone else? I'm sure Toby'll be just devastated.

  7. Just because I'm a pretentious geek about stuff like this, I wanted to say I've just remembered where that quote caame from- The Ordeal of Richard Feverel, by George Meredith.

    Happy now :)

  8. IDV: you're easily good enough to get published. Just so long as I get a signed copy of your first book (and everyone thereafter!).

    Seriously, give it a go!!

    I am going to start a cricket clap for you:







  9. Imogen: I'm glad it finally came to you - although you didn't have to wait that long, luckily.

    As for Toby, don't tell him. Please? He's the only one for me!

    Miss T: I watched cricket the other day. Australia vs India. I pretty much understood what was going on too, but kept getting distracted by one of Australia's exceedingly handsome players!

    If I can stay focused long enough, I'll write that book and get it in the post forthwith.

  10. Can I have that tenner you nicked from my wallet back?

  11. And what would be in it for me? In terms of not telling him about your little 'flirtation on the side', that is :)

  12. A tenner S.I.D.? I wouldn't stoop so low. It was a twenty. Nothing less!

    Imogen: Ummm... I promise not to crash into your home when the broom is playing up if I'm flying overhead. I'll take great care to aim for the dustbins instead.


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