Saturday, 20 May 2006

Flight of the Thaumjammer - Part, the third. Or, Falling Foodstuffs...

 Coming fast through an atmosphere near you:

Meteorite Macaroons

Falling French Fancies

Ballistic Butterfly Cakes

Plummeting Prawn Vol au Vents

Re-entry Rollmops

Hurtling Ham Sandwiches

Free-falling Filo Parcels
Descending Dog Muck Surprise - Oops! That was meant for Anonymous and his/her "Hey. I like your Blog. Here, come to our money grabbing 'You too can earn ten billion dollars in five minutes malarkey' blog". Shit off!

Pelting Peanut Butter Cookies

Barrelling down Breadsticks

Plunging Plum Danishes

Dropping Date Slices 


  1. Anonymous20/5/06 12:59

    It's rainin' cake! Allelujah, it's rainin' cake, amen!
    I'm gonna go out. I'm gonna let myself get my appetite completely whet.

    Fuckkit's gonna love this!

  2. We should be passing over Oz shortly. I've saved a Victoria sponge just for her...

  3. pmsl qenny i love your little ditty

    mmmmmm cakes

  4. Ta very much for the breakfast croissant. It landed on my plate with only minimal flake dispersal.

  5. haa haa i have been chuckling you have just about got everyone well done

  6. Anonymous20/5/06 20:22

    Why the hell am I a rollmop then? I hate rollmops!

  7. Thanks for the peanutbutter cookie, and no, you didn't knock off a gutter on Library X. We don't have gutters. You hit the large research library next door.

    You can drop some "Descending Dog Muck Surprise" on them if you like.

  8. yum, a dozen meteorite macaroons please!!

  9. Mmm. I'm not sure what I got, but as long as it wasn't the dog muck, I'm pretty happy about it. Thanks!

  10. Fuck, now I really really want cake. Actually, I want blueberry muffins- just something for you to remember next time you decide to share out the food.

    Actually, I adore alliteration; it's just my favourite thing ever, so I might settle for that; it might not be good for my sanity or my social life, but I won't get fat.

    Which is the most important thing, right?

  11. Okay, I'm up to speed with the date slice now. Actual dates rather than the Downstairs Date.

  12. Mmmmm. Prawn Vol au vants.... I am hungry after this post.

    Hopefully the next post will answer all of our eager reader questions. Will the Thaumjammer make it? What will the Host of Personalities jettison? And, most importantly, what IS a Thaumjammer anyway?

  13. P.S. Would be eternally grateful if some Descending Dog Muck Surprise happened to fall on Australia's PM as he flits about the globe being chummy with Dubya.

  14. Anonymous22/5/06 14:30

    Midget Arse: It was a very wobbly flight in my attempt to get everyone!

    MJ: My aim is improving, then.

    Convict: I'll throw some battenburg next time - Heaven forbid there should be a next time...

    Vampire: * phew * I can't afford to pay for any damages!

    KG: Would that be an actual dozen or a bakers dozen?

    Dinah: You're welcome.

    Imogen: Mmmmmmmm... Blueberry muffins...

    Spike: If I have any DDMS spare after pelting the research library next to Vampire's, I'll certainly oblige.
    And what's a Downstairs Date? Or don't I want to know?

    Miss H: I realised yesterday that I haven't explained the Thaumjammer. I'll get to it right away!

  15. Run for Cover the Arocakelypse is upon us all

  16. Ouch. Dammit, what where yer droppin stuff. Anyway.

  17. HEYYY! who messed Victoria sponge all over my bloody car??

  18. If you could just scrape that sponge into a bucket please JJ? I'll pick it up on my way through.

  19. And what's a Downstairs Date? Or don't I want to know?

    Put it this way, if you weren't wearing underdrawers on the Thaumjammer you might get a splinter in yer date.

  20. Anonymous23/5/06 13:14

    Fuckkit: Next time I won't make as much effort with the presentation if you'll eat slop!

    Spike: Ohhh...

    Mudskipper, Shifty & JJ: Oops! My bad * scarpers *

  21. Anonymous23/5/06 13:16

    * rushes back *

    anonymous was me, obviously...

    * scarpers again *

  22. Presentation? Nah, just gimme the sugar.

  23. I'll have some Meteorite macaroons please, but you don't have to deliver them. You see, i'm very very very tall and will help myself..

    with your permission!


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