Friday, 16 October 2020


 The last couple of days have seen some unusual suspects lurking on the cusp of Hexenhäusli Device's sphere of influence.*  There have also been some entirely usual suspects but, before we get to them, the first of the unusual: a buzzard!
 Buzzards are a regular occurance around here, but they're usually found circling high above with only their tell-tale cry a giveaway that they're about.  They roost in some of the tall trees behind Hexenhäusli Device, but this one looks like it stopped for a rest in the sycamore tree overhanging the garden, which is very unusual.
And at the foot of that sycamore tree yesterday,
this redwing was scratching about looking for food:

This morning the far from unusual pheasants arrived for breakfast on the paysho:
But something else was lurking in the trees beyond...
Somethings, actually.  Their spectral forms coalescing on the embankment...
Beaky Spawn!

 *  Well, more like hexahedron of influence actually, as it's all straight edges around here...
 In other news, I have finally finished planting bulbs!  I bought a big sack full of various daffodil bulbs last week, and have been planting a few at a time on the embankment behind Hexenhäusli Device.  It was slow going because I've had to dodge the rain, and fight through roots and stones to make holes deep enough to plant them in, but now it's done.  I've also planted posher (more posh?) daff bulbs, crocuses, and dog's tooth violets around the garden and in pots, and topping the pots with pretty little violas.
 Of course, they won't be blooming in time for the 10th INFOMANIAC Annual Garden Photos Event, because that auspicious occasion is being held in just over two weeks time.  "But, where?" I hear you ask.  Here!  Here on this very blog.  So, if you haven't been snapping away at your garden/balcony/house plant/salad drawer all season, now's the time to do so.  
 And remember, you need to email your green-fingered photos to me** - not The Very Mistress - by Wednesday 28th October!  Although, if anyone is waiting for a prized plant to flower which isn't likely to until after the deadline, let me know and I'll see if I can rearrange the schedule to accomodate your lazy, selfish plant at a later date.

** My email address is in my Blog Profile at the top of my Sideboard on the right there.


  1. Buzzard? That looks more like what we calls hawks here. But I want all those pheasants....they look so elegant and cute!!!! Currently I am seeing the wild turkeys and guinea hens running around here now. This time of year they venture down from the lake. I will have to see if I can get a picture of them.

    Yes now to get these picture to you......

    1. Yes, we call them hawks here in Canada, too. Same bird, I believe, yet a different name depending on whether you're in North America or Englnad.

      Does Beaky eat bulbs?

    2. We have hawks too - sparrowhawks mainly - but buzzards are bigger and more numerous.

      Beaky doesn't eat bulbs. Fingers, noses and ears on the other hand...

  2. A veritable wildlife haven! And I knew the Beaky family would find you eventually. Ha ha! Jx

  3. "Son of Beaky" the sequel.

    1. Sequels generally tend to be far worse than the original, and it's just as true with this lot!

  4. Replies
    1. If you can manage to gather them up - all four and twenty - I'll supply the pastry!

  5. Watch the buzzard, it may be after the spawn of Beaky, or anything else it can get it's claws into.
    A few years back I had a pair of glossy wood pigeons nesting in one of the trees - they would sit together on the phone wire looking loved up, and then one day a buzzard ate one of them on my lawn [lots of blood] and after that there was just one pigeon sitting on the wire. It was the saddest thing.
    Sorry I'm late.

    1. To be honest, I wish it would eat some of the wood pigeons around here. There were four of them this morning trampling my already windswept and battered plants!

      Oh, um, sorry for your loss...

  6. P.S - I have been making Halloween stuff.


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