Thursday 29 October 2020

Crack of Dawn

 Since the clocks were put back, I have found myself up just before the crack of dawn - a horrifying experience some might say (and I'm sure dawn wasn't too thrilled, either...) - but the last four days have yielded some fine early morning images. (Not this morning though, as it's my day off, so I languished in bed until nearly 7:00am!)
 So, before we dive headlong into the 10th Anniversary  I N F O M A N I A C  Garden Photos Event - which starts on Saturday 31st with the Terrifying Triffidery preview attraction - the Host thought he'd dump this load of early morning photographs for you to peruse and note how similar many of them are despite having whittled them down enormously to much wailing and gnashing of teeth (he finds making these sorts of unimportant-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things decisions rather fraught).

 Shut up.  Let's get on with it then, shall we?

First up is a small, rather dull selection from Sunday 25th starting with a zoomed-in shot of the groynes at Trimingham

Another zoomed shot (although, less so) of Overstrand's groynes, including the End-of-the-Line and Sidestrand beyond (Trimingham on the horizon)

On the beach at Overstrand

The sun desperately trying to burn through the clouds...

... but not quite making it

Cloud waves

Clear skies for Monday's sunrise


View from the promenade

Overstrand's beach huts

This little robin was singing away atop the brambles and briar roses
I was earlier on Tuesday and managed to get to the cliff top before the sun had struggled above the horizon (and the band of cloud settled upon it).  On the right is the café where I used to work in my youth (it was just called the Cliff Café then)

Down on the prom looking east...

... and west

These sea gulls were wheeling about constantly while I was down there

Ah, here comes the sun...

When I got home, this big cock was waiting for me to shake out some seed so he could gobble it up!

And, finally, yesterday's selection

Here comes the sun...

Any minute now...


Ah.  There we are

Made it.

Ta da!

Oh.  Hang on...

Where do you think you're going?

Hey!  Don't think you can hide behind there!

If you think you're being coquettish and/or coy, you're very much mistaken.

Drama Queen!

Decided to show your face again, hmm?  A breakthrough!

 There.  That's it.  Next up: Terrifying Triffidery: An  I N F O M A N I A C  Garden Photos Event Attraction this Saturday!  The main event will commence a couple of days afterwards.  Although the deadline for emailing me your Triffid photos is up, I shall accept any further main event garden photos up until Sunday lunchtime.
 If you're new to all this, or have just forgotten what's going on (Savvy!), click here for information (and follow the links to find out more).


  1. The "Groynes of Trimingham" sounds like an erotic novel by Algernon Charles Swinburne. Jx

    PS lovely big cock!

    1. Jon, if it isn't a Swinburne, it certainly SHOULD be.

    2. I fear it's the only cock I'll be getting for a long time, Jon.

      If only I'd been up earlier, then I could have named this post after Swinburne's poems in "Songs Before Sunrise".

  2. Replies
    1. I think you'll find my cock to be quite a mouthful, Maddie!

  3. So that’s what the sun looks like! I’d forgotten. So you had yourself a little sun orgasm there, d’nt ya?

    1. Well, perhaps a small one...

      If it makes you feel any better, it didn't take long for the clouds to move in an obscure the sun again. I think we've had one sunny day in the past week?

  4. I live in Southern California where it's always sunny, unless we've had a fire, then there's smoke. Or if the marine layer has drifted in then there's fog or if there's an inversion level happening so we have smog. But other than that, it's always sunny here! ;) xoxo

    1. Isn't there a TV show about how it's always sunny in California? Or is it Philadelphia?

  5. You could get some cock you know, I'm sure Cromer has a flourishing gay scene...
    No, wait.

  6. My dear Inexplicable. I love your photos
    as I have said before I miss the Sea and coast deeply.
    Looking at them brought on a bit of a Meryl Streep moment.
    A North Norfolk version of French Lieutenant's Woman perhaps

    1. Thank you, Madam Arcati. Perhaps when this is all over, a trip to the coast is in order?


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