Thursday, 30 July 2020

Sunday & Thursday Swim: Double Helping

P ♡ M is upside down, not me!
 Another sunny day means another dip in the sea.  Or two. 
 Yes, there are two lots of beach photos here - I couldn't post Sunday's on Sunday because I didn't want to rub Jon's nose in how bright and sunny it was here while he was suffering yet more rain in That London (we had all our rain on Saturday, then more on Sunday evening, as I recall). 
 Oh, and Jon?  While I didn't get stung by a jellyfish, I have just been stung all the the arm by nettles while clearing a path up my embankment!

 Anyway, on with the show.  This first lot of photos are from Sunday - the tide was on its way in (in fact, it was almost at its highest point when I left - compare the first and last photos), and so were the clouds:

Sunday's Swim Spot - back to 2019's normal place

The End-of-the Line in the distance

The end of the Groyne-at-the-End-of-the-Line sticking out of the sea

Oh, dear...  Look at the clouds.  Time to leave.

The tide is high...


Let's have a brief interlude of more Vulcan script/calligraphy, shall we?
The first three efforts are from Sunday, and the last one from this morning:


Now, on to this morning's photos, pre and post swim:

View from the cliff top

Gah! People!!!

Swim spot - same as Sunday's but further down the beach as the tide was out

Brown Sugar sailing on a glistening, glinting sea

Very short-lived spume

Swim over - heading home


  1. Hell Jon can have some of our sun and warmth if he wants it for a day or two of rain.

    I was glad to get away to the beach a few weeks ago and will head back again again I suspect as long as people still stay away. They pictures are magnificent. I think we need a few shots of you in the sea or perhaps lounging on the beach. I know you got more leg than a bucket of chicken.

    1. I'll see what I can do, but Camera steadfastly refuses to take photos of me. It keeps saying something about there not being enough filters in the world...

  2. Brown Sugar ? Cool.
    I had forgotten the Vulcan beach party, sorry.

    I think Maddie would like you to balance on a shell, oh Schaumgeborener ...

    1. That would work!

      Or perhaps a picture of those gams just barely in the water...

    2. Kind of like "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli, Mago?
      I might consider it, but without those two strumpets Aura/Chloris and the Hora of Spring/Flora, leaving Zephyr all for myself!

      I was down on the beach this morning, Maddie, and did consider some bodypart photos, but there was someone in the dunes behind me which made me feel too self conscious. Maybe tomorrow...

  3. You could go for one of those hotdog photos and take a picture of your sizzling knees!
    Anyhow, I am jealous! I've had more rain than Jon!!! Where is my apology. Plus, I have toothache, which is a bit awkward.

    1. Oh, no! Toothache?!? Oh, I am sorry. It is not a good time to start working on new ailments - I recommend leaving it for now, and giving it a go late-Spring/early-Summer next year.
      (I suspect I cracked a tooth last week, but it's one that has already been root-canaled so it doesn't hurt - well, except when I accidentally bite down hard on something hard like a raspberry pip)

      Unfortunately, Ms Scarlet, none of my bodyparts look (or are) good enough to eat. Cooked or not!

  4. Sunshine? Pah! The first we've had was today, and not a beach in sight...


    PS Something stung you? Ha ha. Told you I was sending a hex.

  5. Now I have the Stones for an earworm. Thank you...I feel young(ish) again.

    1. Ah, you're welcome. I didn't make the connection for a while, I must admit. I thought it would be Blondie who set up camp in peoples' ears after the "tide is high" caption...

    2. Better than a millstone around someone's neck, at any rate.


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