Wednesday, 28 August 2019

It's just a jump to the left...

Hmmm... I think I'll take the scenic route instead

That's a strange looking newt.

Bloody seagulls!


Uh, oh...

Yikes!  That moved quicker than I expected.

Oh, no.  Now what's this?



Meanwhile, over the Cusp...
You mean that wasn't?
I don't know what was going on up there, but it definitely wasn't over the Cusp.
How peculiar.
This is, though.
What?  Over the Cusp, or peculiar?
Shhhhh!  It's started!

 Norma-D2 switched the Chameleon Circuit on and, around them, the HVMS Infomaniac transformed into a greenhouse.  Albeit a greenhouse with row upon row of black, shiny push-buttons lining the glass walls and ceiling, each one with an accompanying label to its right.  C3-Peenee was incredulous.
 "What the fu-"
 "Beep boop!" admonished Norma-D2 as she continued to press buttons with her extendable probulator.
 "I mean" said C3-Peenee flashing his eye lights in an attempt to approximate an eye-roll, "Well, really!  Was that better?  Hmm?  And stop fiddling with things - You have no idea what they do."
 Norma-D2 ignored him and mithered a button rather larger than the others until it clicked into place. "Beep boop" she crowed triumphantly. 

Vworp  Vworp  Vworp

 "Hang on" said C3-Peenee as the courtyard outside the greenhouse disappeared and was replaced with a brightly coloured village green-like setting.  "Is this a...  Are we in a TARDIS?"
 Norma-D2 somehow managed to look smug.  Quite a feat for little more than a dustbin on wheels.
 "That's not the Mistress, Infomaniac, is it?" C3-Peenee asked pointing a golden finger at a pair of legs sticking out from underneath a rather precariously parked car across the green.
 "Beep boop?"
 "Well, just look at those stripy tights!  Oh, now I can't see with all those people milling around."  Obscuring the two droids' vision was a small crowd of even smaller people.  Well, most of them were small, but there were two or three who towered above them.  In fact, only one actually towered, the others just loomed slightly.
 Then the crowd parted giving C3-Peenee and Norma-D2 an unimpeded view across the green and up between the stripy tights-clad legs.
 "Urgh!  Right up the chocolate chute."
 "Beep boop."

To be continued...


  1. Have you been drinking the good stuff while I was away on holiday?

    1. And just wait till Norma sees you could her a dustbin on wheels. But not far fetched, she doesn't have wheels.

    2. If you hadn't been away so long, maybe I wouldn't have turned to the drink!

      Has Norma ever gone roller-skating, I wonder?

  2. I am impatient to see how Ms Norma will respond to being characterised as a dustbin on wheels. At least Mr Peenee has a golden finger.

    1. I hope I don't get poked by her extendable probulator for this?

  3. Is that Esther Rantzen in pic #4? Thought so. Jx

    1. It must be, as the likeness is beyond uncanny.

  4. I have concerns about C3-Peenee's and Norma-D2's unimpeded view.

    1. Worry ye not, Very Mistress, for all is not what it seems...

      That's not to say that what it really is is any better, though!

  5. That "seagull" is probably the reason Scarlet no longer has shags.
    Um...should I re-phrase that...

  6. Replies
    1. What, "That "cormorant" is probably the reason Scarlet no longer has shags"...?

  7. Mr. Indevisable! Now you've dropped us both in it! Scarlet says she's no longer on speakers with us.And I never knew she was so attached to that hairy flokati thing!

    1. Glurk! Ms Scarlet has even gone so far as to eye up another island to invade/conquer/purchase (with Mitzi): Peacock Island off Benidorm!
      Although, I think it may just be a shaggy blog story...

    2. I've just read Mitzi's suggestion. (And I think she may well be onto something...lord knows Benidorm needs a bit of a shake-up)

  8. I am still watching you two. I am thinking of having some naughty steps installed on my blog underneath the sideboard, just so you know.


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