Saturday 24 August 2019

Saturday Swim: A Wet Witch

 It seems some of you (naming no names) were a little disappointed that the last post didn't contain flagrant nudity.
 Well, hopefully this will go some way to making amends:

 Yes, it's ShadowMe (although, I think the one on the right is the Host's SubC...?)

This is where we stopped for a swim - just before the End-of-the-Line

Up to our nips in it!

Close up

Fortunately, I didn't drop Camera in the drink

A very tiny crescent Moon can be seen right in the middle of this photo


 Oh, and these are from Thursday evening:

End-of-the-Line again

Two lots of sky

At the end of the promenade, the sun has set beyond Cromer Pier


Broom managed to stay remarkably wobble-free on our ascent


  1. How very artistic, dear. The one on the right bears a passing resemblance to Nicole Kidman in a long dress on the red carpet... Jx

    1. I've long thought that I might be able to carry off a red carpet look (given the right designer, and a shed-load of make-up, naturally).

  2. Ha! Jon is right! You do have very long legs, Mr Devine.
    I do like your two lots of sky - is your camera waterproof?

    1. No, sadly Camera doesn't like any form of moistness. I had to be very careful not to splash about when wading out with it. Fortunately, there were no waves, otherwise I never would have done it.

  3. Are you wearing a built-up shoe?

  4. I do see the red carpet thing but to my eye the silhouette on the right looks much more like that old luvvie Jeremy Brett wearing a dressing gown as Holmes and turning to make some masochistic comment to Watson. Something like 'Fetch my pipe between your teeth on all fours'. Blush.

    1. I actually said: "Take my pipe between your cheeks on all fours".

      Or something to that effect...


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