Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2017's Last Gasp

  Because I didn't have time to post these before the New Year...

Boxing Day:

You should all know the Vos Gorgeous by now...

... but the Highland Knight is a relative newcomer.

Oof!  Fell over again

Hmmm... It's not so bad down here

Ah, the Vos Gorgeous has come to rescue me...

... but is seen off by some sort of fishing boat or trawler

It's all right.  I'm back on my feet again now, thanks.

Oof!  Spoke too soon

The End-of-the-Line

No, really...

It's the end of the line - can't go any further with this ruddy big cliff fall across the beach!

It may look like a path over the fall, but it's really a very squidgy, muddy, claggy, clay-y danger zone!

Ah, well.  Time to turn back


All that time fannying about at the End-of-the-Line has allowed the tide to come in unnoticed.

What's that dot on the horizon?

Oh, it's just you, Gorgeous

Home by the light of the Moon


The 30th:

"Oi!  You and your dogs (or are they donkeys?) - get out of my sight.
This is a private beach*, don't you know!!!  Bloody people...

Ah... That's better.  Or are those people on the horizon?

Gah!  They're everywhere!  Ruining everything!

Oh, no!  I'm trapped in a massive groyne!  (Tee hee!)

No, I didn't stay out until it got dark - this was taken later on from the smallest room (as usual)

* Well, it's not really but it should be!


And, finally, New Year's Eve:

This Moon shot was taken hastily through a fortuitous break in the clouds while I was walking to Northrepps

Look, you can see the Moon on the far right: That dot above the last tree.

Much later, this was taken from the front doorstep (and not the smallest room)

  This was going to be called 2017's Last Hurrah, but after the sheer volume of photos here, I thought you might be gasping for breath...


  1. Oh, oh, I really like the last one. Nice exposure and definition of the craters and no chromatic aberration!

    1. Luckily I hadn't already been at the gin and, therefore, managed to keep a steady hand while taking the photo!

  2. People do tend to clutter things up and ruin perfectly good isolated vistas. Bugger them...

    1. I had a good mind to let all the air out of the tyres on their Range Rovers when I got back, but that would have meant they'd be hanging around here longer being even more annoying: "Rah rah rah. Let's take the dogs for a bracing walk on Overstrand beach. Rah rah rah. Where's my blunderbus, Dierdre? Rah rah rah!"

  3. Hello, Gorgeous! And Welcome, Knight! I imagine the Knight speaks with a Scottish accent and the crew wears tartans and kilts...

    Thank goodness you were able to extract yourself from that sticky, messy groyne situation.

    The moon shots are fantastic! So clear and defined yet mysterious! The cliff shots are ominous as is the incoming, unruly sea. I luv the tide pools and the close ups are stunning! Those stones look like splendid agates...beautiful coloring.

    1. Ooh! I wonder if Gorgeous and the Knight are a couple?

      Sometimes bigger isn't always better. A groyne that big is rather unwieldy and does create rather a lot of havok...

  4. Regarding the 12th photo that says "The End-of-the-Line" underneath... it's brilliant.

    So many excellent pics. But I suppose you had to pass the time somehow while you were waiting for the sailors to "rescue" you.

    1. The low winter sun is pretty annoying during morning walks eastwards, what with all the glare and necessary squinting - sometimes I feel like I must look like Sir Patrick Moore! However, sometimes, it can really pay off with a few "sun beams" in just the right place!

      I couldn't wait for the sailors in the end. They were taking so long to get to shore that I'd had enough and went home. How times change, eh?

      (Although, I'm going to try again this weekend!)

  5. Surely all that lying on your front on beaches must result in sand itchily entering your crevices?
    Lovely pictures, though - the itchiness paid off!

    1. Who's to say I don't enjoy an itchy crevice?

      But you're right. I don't. When I can't be bothered to go through a Cusp interface to shrink myself, I just bob down and hold the camera on the sand and hope for the best!

  6. I swear I've already left a comment and it's vanished. It was about adopting a baby skunk...
    Glad you didn't need 'rescuing'!

    1. Like some of your previous comments, the one from the 4th ended up in spam again! And I got rid of that actually spammy baby monkey comment.

      As I said to The Very Mistress MJ, I'm going back soon for another attempt at being rescued!


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