Sunday 4 October 2015

Tin Foil Top Hats & Tiaras Gallery 2015

Oof! I'm awake. I'm awake. Here I am!

 Welcome to the Tin Foil Top Hats and Tiaras Gallery! As I'm sure you're all aware by now, this foil encrusted occasion is being held to celebrate the fact that we've managed to keep this blog going for ten years!
Ten interminable years.
Yeah, what a bloody palaver it's been. We should have given up back in 2010 instead of dragging this old carcass into another year.
 Hey! Shut up. We got back into the swing of things last year, didn't we?
I suppose...
 Ug. Who invited them? I thought you said the SubCs were going to be visiting Grandma Rosecrypt today?
 Well, that was the impression they gave. Irritating little sods.
 Anyway, we'd better get on with this as I feel we're losing the audience, so back to the matter at hand: In a little under a week - Friday the 9th of October, in fact - this blog will turn ten years old.
 And, it will also be ten years since I, Inexplicable DeVice, arrived here in the 21st century! Well, my mind, anyway. My body got a little charred just before I set off, but luckily The Host was here to land in.
 I don't know that I would call it lucky...
 Oh, hush. You sound like the SubCs! 
 Right! On with the show - and wipe your feet before coming in (you can hang your coats and whatnot in the foyer)! 

 Just like last year (and 2010), please make your way around the gallery and cast your discerning eye (or eyes, if you're not a Dalek) over these exquisite exhibits and let us know, in the comments, upon who you would like to bestow the winner's crown (made of tin foil, of course).
 I know I said before that the winner will be chosen by any/all of myselves but, quite frankly, I can't be doing with the responsibility, so it's up to you lot! Having said that, I will have the deciding vote - just like Head Judge Len Goodman on Strictly Come Dancing - should there be a tie, or I just plain disagree with any stupid voting.

Captain Tin Foil Underpants
"I'd better bloody win, all that foil down the y-fronts is agonizing!"

Revealing and uncomfortable. Need we say more?

Foiled Again!!
"And here it is.... my apology of an entry for the 2015 tin foil doo-da-wotsit! I know, such a minimal entry after last year's grand fandango, but I feel it encapsulates the spirit of the competition, for example look at the jaunty angle of the hat, which gives the whole piece a merriment not usually found on this side of the river Severn; the well chosen use of paper expresses a soft come hither-to attitude contrasting with the sharp jaggedness of the foil, which is a metaphor for fish swimming upstream against all odds. We should look at this from both sides now, and perhaps break out into song."

It may look small, but it's just trick photography. In fact, Ms Scarlet constructed this titanic Tin Foil Topper on the face of the moon (the only area large enough where the hat wouldn't crush entire countries) and had to use the Arecibo telescope to take this photo.

Foil the Competition!
"Please find attached my entry for your 10th anniversary tin hat compo,
It is not too elaborate but at least I had a go...
I think it meets the criteria for your theme...
I just hope it got to you in time. I'm hoping to foil the competition!"

"Not too elaborate"? - The level of detail is exquisite! Just look at that ornately folded zig-zag band.
And those feathers! They are feathers, aren't they, Princess?
Plus, I like the fact that Princess didn't resort to using a melon as a model, instead wrapping a lackey's head in tin foil to complete the look. Although, on closer inspection, it rather appears that it's just a head... Princess? Was this a houseboy who'd got a little too uppity or, like with Ms Scarlet's submission, just trick photography? Is the rest of the houseboy folded up in that box?

Tin Foil Hat 15
"Here I send you a picture of me wearing my last creation. A classic, reduced to the max, modelled by the creator.
I hope the entries swept in like a tsunami!"

A hat to deflect other submissions, perhaps? I'm imagining Mago crouched down behind it as he runs into the tsunami of tin foil hat wearing bloggers, sending them flying in all directions as they slide up, over and off his magnificent "kuhfänger/cowcatcher" (Ger., Eng.) of a hat!

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
"Visiting my favorite witch blog ... oh, wait! Sand!"

Lola wearing a little witch's hat! Awwwww...

Savvy Blows Her Top
"I totally forgot...long story, but here is what I call
Savvy blows her top
or maybe just Savvy blows

Third time lucky for Savvy. I don't mean third time lucky to win, I mean third time lucky in submitting a hat! Yes, as some of you may be aware, Savvy missed the first compo in 2010, then somehow missed the second one last year. It was only after a judicious reminder that she managed to get this entry in, just scraping in around midnight last night!

~ ~ ~

 So, there you have it. The 2015 Tin Foil Hat Gallery. You have until midnight (GMT) on Thursday 8th October to vote for your favourite chapeau - you can either vote in the comments, or email me (email address in my profile) if you'd like your vote to be anonymous.
 I shall be announcing the winner on Friday the 9th.

 Good luck everyone, and thank you for your tin foil masterpieces!



  1. What an international (intergalactic?) array of talent. Excellent work, one and all!

    Just voted via e-mail.

    1. I'm expecting to be beseiged by intergalactic warlords any day now asking for everyone's contact details!

  2. A spectacular array of talent this year Mr Device...
    A truly Global event!
    Well done to everyone for having a go...
    I shall be off now to pop my vote in you slot darling

  3. Wow, that's tricky... I can't choose!
    I will make my mind up by the deadline though :-)

  4. OHMYGAWD! i love all y'all, but my vote goes to PRINCESS!!! xoxoxoxo

    IDV...sweet mary sunshine, but i swear i will NOT wait until the last minute, sugar! ;)

  5. BRAVO!!!!! What nice entries and I'd gladly wear any of them since my own creation became a tin foil ball. (alas, I'm only good with my hand with certain things) I panicked, and got frustrated it wasn't coming along, and in a ball it went! I'll save the idea for another tin foil event. But I must say, I'm torn between Princess and that high couture look, and the avant gaud of Mago's creation ......I need a few minutes. (hint at I can be bribed.) But LX should definitely have some kind of consolation prize, like a roll of tin foil, or another Did I win yet? award. And your hat looks very sexy Mr. DeVice. Now did Prinny say were to insert something in your slot? * goes off to have another look see*

    1. Well after another look see, and the level and undertaking it took, I cast my vote for Prinny. Well I'm also a size queen. The bigger the better!!!! As British Jon would say." Today should be a say something hat day."

    2. It's such a shame we didn't get to see your tin foil balls!

  6. Oh! I've missed the deadline! (A new computer and programmes all over the place then a power cut...)
    Also, a very exciting football game and my neighbour kept me up for hours...

    1. Your excuses were going well until you mentioned football. Rugby, on the other hand...

    2. Almost there - it was one of those Rugby League affairs.You know, the one where they kick the ball backwards between their legs.

  7. Decisions, decisions.

    First of all, Savvy deserves a prize for actually making the deadline for once. Put something in the mail for her immediately. I fear she may be glaring at me for that comment. I can’t tell under that enormous wad of Reynolds Wrap.

    HOUND fills out his Y-fronts nicely but I’m not going to let his package sway my vote.

    MISS SCARLET’S entry is whimsical and would make a delightful greeting card. I’m rather partial to it and yet…

    PRINNY could put Philip Treacy out of business. I won’t be surprised if this creation ends up on the head of Princess Beatrice.

    MAGO loses points for the visible piece of tape barely holding his hat together. But bonus points are awarded for his lovely mouth.

    So that just leaves LX and his muse, Lola. As you know, The Mistress is a sucker for a cat photo. And so my vote goes to LX!

    Well done, Bitches.

    1. Of course this slot is crucial to the whole work, ripping open the glistering reflecting surface to show the dirty underpants of culture and civilsation, the weak foundation of our values etcetc. Or I simply did not notice that I wore it the wrong way round. Ach, ach, und nochmal ach ...

    2. Why are you wearing your underpants on your head Mr Maggs? and by culture and civilisation do you mean fungi and a colony of ants? As for the weak foundation.... might I suggest some firm whalebone

    3. Just a figure of speech, dear Princess. At least around here, I have no clue how's that in the Southern hemisphere ...

    4. Mago's dirty underpants aside, I can't believe The Mistress wasn't swayed by Hound's package.

      Maybe if the package was swaying...?

  8. I am not worthy. Again.

    But hey, good job people!

    I'm glad I don't have to judge this, but if I did, it would be Lola and her bitch LX.

    1. But you do have to judge. Judgemental is the new black!

  9. First of all - congratulations to our host : Ten years of blogism, and hopefully many more to come !

    I can not yet vote, all entries are very nice in their own right.

    Hound's full body take is interesting, but I think these over-sized blue underpants do no justice to the piece as a whole. Maybe a tad too much need for safety ?
    Savannah is heading in the same direction with her large, hairdo-friendly helmet - but I think there is no need for a snorkel, I do not believe that there is oxygene shortage to be expected. Anyway, I like how she peeks out of her objet d'art
    Lovely Queen Scarlet with her crown askew. Princess in all her glory and elaborate detail. LX's minimalistic approach featuring Lola (or is the other way round ?). And let's not forget our host, a cubistic, slightly cro-magnon-ish masterpiece, ganz bei sich selbst.

    No, I can't make my mind up, yet.

    1. Thank you, Mago. I shall look forward to your made up mind!

  10. Well, I don't know! I called in some expert help - being black and given to prowling at the witching hour, I thought they'd be a shoo-in.
    Silly me! They promptly said"Whatever Lola wants ..."
    Oh, and one of them sat on my tiara.Pity, really, cos I was wearing it...

    Jolly good effort, chaps!

    1. Ah, so your excuse is really that your hat was made flat by a cat?

  11. Until I come up with a better one, yes. (I did email you something)

    1. Thank you! I've just checked my emails and found it - I'll be doing something with it forthwith.

  12. Ah, happy birthday, all of you. A little worn for a ten year old, surely? My vote is also fir LX, being another sucker for a cat. By a striking coincidence my creation looked very similar to start off with as well.
    Damnit, u just knew I should've stuffed more down there than I did...

  13. Just noticed that there is a deadline looming ...

    With all due respect to the other participants, Hound, MsScarlet, Princess, LX, and of course our magnificent host IDV : I vote for Savannah.

    Her entry is the most tin-foil-y. It is the piece that holds the Materialtreue am besten : Tin foil and nothing else, it wants to be tin foil, it does not want to be something else but tin foil, it IS tin foil - well done !
    Catty unicorn Lola, "innocent" queenie Scarlet, "baroque" Princess, the incredible manish Hound, and mummy IDV - all wonderful expressions of the artists, but Savannah shows tin foil as tin foil. With a curious peek-a-boo : Crown her !

  14. I vote for Mr Mags as his hat looks like an overturned boat and every object benefits from having more than one use.

  15. What fun! Congrats on 10 years..


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