Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hallowe'en Creepycous-cous*

 Amongst the leafless trees and shrubs, the haphazardly placed statues stood cold, wrapped in dark shadows, and edged in dull moonlight.
 "They're weird, aren't they?"
 "The statues. They look like people." Allan inspected the weather-softened features of a slightly plump, stone woman as their dog, Monkey, sniffed around in the dead leaves at the statue's feet.
 "Isn't that what statues are supposed to look like?"  Patrick called back as he continued ahead through the grounds.
 "Well, yes, but these look like actual people. They're not posed, or stylised, or... or... I mean, this one looks like it could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt! Shouldn't they be wearing robes, or armour, or something?"
 "I suppose."
 "And have you noticed" Allan raised his voice as Patrick retreated, "that they're all looking down?"
 "I suppose."
 "And they look a bit... Surprised."
 "I suppose."
 "Oh! Will you stop saying that!"
 "I suppose." Patrick laughed and headed through the statues towards the rusted iron gate set in the perimeter wall. "You know" he shouted, barely looking over his shoulder, "legend has it that these were all real people once. They turned to stone when they heard a dog speak."
 "Right" said Allan as he rolled his eyes and waited for Monkey to finish weeing over the weathered statue's shins. 
 As Patrick disappeared from view, Allan turned and looked down at Monkey. "Come on. Let's go home and get some tea." Monkey looked up expectantly at the word "tea" and wagged her tail. Allan smiled at the happy dog. "And you'd better not talk, OK?"
 "I won't" said Monkey.


 And that's it! No more. Well, no more from us, anyway.

 However, if you are in the mood for some actually creepy stories, this is where I first learned of the Creepypasta memes (only yesterday). There's even a Creepypasta wiki (this is one of my favourite stories), and a website (where another of my favourites lurks). Who knew?
 Plus, short films:

 Happy (or Horrendous - whatever floats your boat) Hallowe'en everyone! Here's Erasure to play us out:

* Because I don't like pasta.


  1. As I type this...I hear ..disturbing sounds. Dogs are barking, but it's not the usual "Monty's going walkies" and "Here comes that poncy poodle" sort of barking. Oh no..this has more hell in it. Children, from several streets away, wandering along the mangroves (no flashlights, the twits!) will be hitting up citizens for candy. Well, tonight I'll fix 'em.WASABI- FLAVOURED PEAS!

    1. Ha! That'll show the little bleeders.

      And if you have any left over, send them my way as I love a wasabi pea now and again!

  2. That story was pretty good I must say. I can't tell you how many times I have to tell Buster to keep quiet. I plan to have many bumps in the night, and plan on a frightful one!!! Happy Hallowe'en to you to handsome.

    1. Why, thank you. And may your Hallowe'en bumps be plentiful! (I'm sure they will be, as who can resist?)


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