Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Magic Carpet Ride

 I took a ride on a flying carpet today. I swore I'd never use one of the things after this little incident, but as it was Indescribable's and she wanted us all to go out as a family, I grudgingly agreed (she still has her broom, but the carpet is roomier and more practical now she has a babyzilla and another little horror on the way).

 Broom, understandably, was livid. Until I pointed out that the whole point of the flight was to show Babyzilla the sights of Cromer, and that with her on board, stickiness, whining, and various bodily excretions were pretty much guaranteed. Funnily enough, Broom quickly relented, and seemed happy to stay propped up in the umbrella stand with Hat for company while we were out.

 So. Here are some photos I took while Indescribable rather cack-handedly piloted her flying carpet. Needless to say, as this was the middle of the day, we used an obscuring spell to remain unseen to all and sundry below.

As before, hang a left at the lighthouse...

... and straight on to Cromer.

Until Indescribable changed her mind and took us out to sea...

... where she almost did a loop-the-loop...

... before Inexcuseable made her abort the manoeuvre and head back to land.

We skimmed low over the beach...

... heading towards Cromer Pier.

Indescribable took us up...

... and over...
... before flying dangerously low over the pier...

... as you can tell!

We passed west over the pier...

... and then up over Cromer.

Banking left again, we wheeled around the church tower...

...getting great views up the Holt Road, Meadow Road (and car park), and The Croft.

Here's where Babyzilla dropped her half-eaten apple onto a hapless pedestrian wandering along Church Street.

We were almost blinded by the sun when Indescribable banked south - as was my camera, hence the poor quality of this shot.

The reason for the about-turn, Indescribable announced, was that she'd left her purse at home... we headed back east...

... along the coast...

... towards home.

Despite the vast expanse of airspace here, Indescribable still managed to almost hit this poor couple walking their dogs!


  1. Christ , I wasn't even on the carpet and with the gin's I've had in celebrating I all of a sudden feel sick. But what spectacular work handsome. Excuse me now, while I toddle off into something more comfortable and have a lie down.

    1. Into something, or someone more comfortable?

      We trust you had a splendid birthday, Mistress Maddie!? Cin cin!

  2. Is one required to file a flight plan with the local aviation authorities beforehand or is this sort of shenanigans covered by visual flight rules?

    1. Flight plans are for wusses!

      Although, I did check Northrepps Aerodrome's "Movements Book" while Indescribable wasn't looking as her flying skills are rather haphazard.

  3. Given the title.... I thought you'd found a trick that hadn't shaved...
    Then on reading the text finally realised that you'd had your own little seaside adventure with family... reaching some very heady heights in the process.
    Delightful pics... My bet is that Babyzilla had picked her target before launching the apple...
    Indescribable really has honed her flight skills... Your skills with the image collector remain unflawed...

    1. Bwah hah hah haa! I'm saving that trick until Hallowe'en!

      I think you could be right about Babyzilla's apple bomb. She took to the air rather too easily for my liking.

  4. Well, this is a first for me.Seeing that part of the world from the air. I'd always thought it was all flat broads...
    (Lovely pics!)

    1. While most of Norfolk is as flat as the proverbial pancake, here at the leading edge, we rather enjoy our lofty perch which enables us to lord it over the riff raff!

  5. Replies
    1. Is that why you let the daffodils drive your car now, Norma?

  6. There is a most remarkable synchronicity between you having a magic carpet ride on the exact day my manager's brand new carpet got ruined one day after being fitted! I can hear champagne glasses clinking...

  7. Not a Wal-Mart in sight. How refreshing.

    1. Cromer is relatively free of chain stores and the like, at least in the town centre. Well, except for the hideous blight that is Iceland. My mum certainly does not go to Iceland!

    2. Weren't they too dangerous? There were some nasty finger injuries due to the mind-of-their-own tills.
      Although, Dev Alahan appears to have all 10 of his still...

  8. how deliciously lovely, sugar! :) xoxooxo

    1. I hope you mean the town rather than being stuck on a flying carpet with a stinky, sticky toddler?


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