Friday, 10 July 2015

Wish you were here, too

 Not to be outdone by Ms Scarlet, I'm also on holiday. Although I haven't actually gone anywhere, who needs to when one has a beach on one's doorstep? So, despite the horrendous British weather, and the hordes of tourists spoiling the beach, I decided to go for a swim. 

 Oh, hang on...

Facing west towards Overstrand's main beach and Cromer

A glacio-tectonic fold. You can see more of this type of thing in my post from October last year

 So far, Overstrand beach has yet to be sullied bestowed with an Infomaniac Beach House or Gift Shop. Something tells me it won't be long before the franchise reaches these shores, though...


  1. just wait 'til la mistressa gets a gander at all that developable beach property...
    there'll be infomaniac strip malls, salt water taffy booths, posing belt vendors....

  2. Have you swept the beach with a metal detector (maybe with Broom?)? I'm thinking lots of lost coins and maybe a Rolex® or two!

  3. What are those tracks in the sand? Is that from tires or a low hanging set?

  4. Norma: And the horror will only be complete when the Infomaniac Love Boat makes port!

    LX: Well, Overstrand is also known as the Village of Millionaires, so maybe a Rolex or twelve wouldn't be out of the question?

    Sweeping the beach with Broom certainly is, though. It's in a huff now because I considered your suggestion, and is sulking in the Broom cupboard.

    Mistress Maddie: Whatever made them, I missed it :(

  5. Glorious blues!!! Seaside colours are my favourite. In August I am also going to boast about my 'local' beaches and will be posting about my Grand Tour of North Devon.
    I have gone a bit nuts with beach colours and interiors... I think I might regret some of my choices come December.

  6. And not a tampered with colour in sight, Ms Scarlet! I'm looking forward to the August Tour.

    Worry not about beach colours in December: Just have a fire made of driftwood - It'll warm things up a treat!

  7. Lovely firm flat sandy beaches are my favourite... they make for wonderful long strolls, I'll have none of that dragging myself through shifting sand and dunes that I can't climb over. The only time for shifting sand is when one is ensconced on a deck chair under a sunshade with a suitable tome and occasionally glancing at the hourglass so as not to miss ones train home...

  8. Oh, you wouldn't have liked how I had to get there, Princess. Navigating scrub & beetle covered cliffs, clambering over massive granite boulders, and trudging along stoney swathes before finally climbing over the sea defences to get onto the beach! Still, there was no shifting sand, so maybe you would be all right, afterall?

    (there was a much easier way, but it meant walking near people)

  9. Norma has put ideas into my head!


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